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Thrift Day Thursday : GoodWill Find

Thrift Day Thursday : GoodWill Find


Living here in Atlanta, it seems like its a thrift store on every block! I am not complaining because I enjoy finding gems for a great price. One of my favorite thrift stores is the Goodwill, because they are so organized. I hate going into a store and you don’t know if you should go left or right. In Goodwill, everything is clearly labeled, priced and positioned. Goodwill’s usually have their items color coordinated too!

I actually bought this from a Goodwill in Florida during our Christmas vacation. When I saw it, I wasn’t sure if it was cute or crazy. I was drawn to it because my son’s bday is on the 4th of July. I thought this would be so cute to wear on his birthday. We usually go to the 4th of July parade and/or city celebration.


The dress was only $4 and is just simply cute to me. I was in a rush this morning and couldn’t decide what to wear. Then this cute dress popped out at me. I had 15 minutes to leave and couldn’t find any shoes that would go just perfect with it, so I put on my cute Target sandals.


The fabric is so light and it doesn’t fit too snug but still gives me a feminine feel. Do I look like a flight attendant? Now that I think about it, I look like I work for Delta Airlines!

What’s your favorite thrift store and why?


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