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Welcome to my Wordy Wellness Wednesday!! Today I am re-launching Soft Butter – Bernetta Style. I make an all natural handmade total body moisturizer for your hair, face, body & feet! I love this product because people use it for all different reasons and it works.

etsy-shea butter-soft butter-whipped

I started making Soft Butter in my bathroom for my hair. One night while mixing it for my hair, I got some on my leg so I rubbed it in. A few hours later my skin was still so soft. I decided to remix it – add some things, change others – and Bernetta Style Soft Butter was born!

Shea Butter - whipped butter-bernettastylecom-etsy-soft butter

I started making it for my family and started to brag about how soft my skins feels to my friends. They asked to try it and then started asking for more! Someone suggested I sell it and I did. Word of mouth started to happen and I was getting orders from as far as Canada!

Shea Butter - whipped butter-bernettastylecom-etsy-soft butter

I got pregnant mid 2012 and took a break from many things including making Soft Butter. Fast forward late 2013, people are continuing to request my Soft Butter. I started making it again for my family and once people found out – mass production started again in my kitchen. It was time to start my etsy page.

There are now 5 scents: Peppermint, Lemon, Coco Mango, Coconut Vanilla & Vanilla Buttercream

Soft Butter comes in 4oz ($9) & 8oz ($17) plus shipping. To purchase an order please visit

My family and I also desire to start a Non-Profit Foundation that blesses people with the wants & needs. Things that they have always wanted but could never get on their own for different reasons. This foundation will be mainly run on donations and proceeds from the Soft Butter sales. So, when you purchase a Soft Butter, 50% of all sales will go towards the creation & operation of The Knighten Project. If you would like to assist, partner or donate to TKP please contact me at

Knighten Project Final

Thank you for your support and remember….. Stay Soft!

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