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Navigating Your Child’s Senior Year: A Parent’s Guide

My son’s high school senior year was a hard one for me. I wasn’t ready to deal with the emotions of his final year in addition to all the wants and needs of a high school senior, a new college freshman. Well, after my experience I wanted other parents to be better prepared for the experience, financially and emotionally.

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So, I wrote an eBook which maps it all out:

Navigating Your Child’s Senior Year: A Parent’s Guide” is a comprehensive eBook designed to support parents and their high school seniors through the pivotal final year of high school. This guide offers practical advice, emotional support, and actionable strategies to make the most of senior year, from academic preparations to celebrating achievements.

What’s Inside:

  • Introduction: Set the stage for the senior year journey, highlighting the emotional and practical significance of this critical period.
  • Chapter 1: Preparing for Senior Year: Offers insights into early preparation for senior year, covering academic, emotional, and logistical aspects to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Chapter 2: The Financial Aspect of Senior Year: Delves into the unexpected costs associated with senior year, providing tips for budgeting, saving, and navigating financial challenges.
  • Chapter 3: Academic Responsibilities: Emphasizes the importance of academic diligence, balancing extracurricular activities, and strategies for maintaining grades and engagement.
  • Chapter 4: College Preparation: Guides families through college tours, applications, and acceptance letters, offering strategies for managing deadlines and application requirements.
  • Chapter 5: Emotional Well-being: Explores the emotional highs and lows for both parents and students, with tips for maintaining a positive relationship during this transitional period.
  • Chapter 6: Scholarships and Financial Aid: Provides detailed advice on finding and applying for scholarships, organizing applications, and tracking responses to maximize financial aid opportunities.
  • Chapter 7: Celebrating Achievements: Shares ideas for graduation parties and recognizing accomplishments, balancing celebration with readiness for the next chapter in the student’s life.

Appendices: Includes practical tools and templates such as a checklist for senior year preparations, a budget template for expenses, a sample letter of recommendation request, and a scholarship application tracker template.

I’ve also created a 4 video series on Youtube that also shares our experience

Read Unlocking Opportunities: Where to Find Scholarships for Your High School Senior & What You Need.

Please share this book and/or post with a parent of a sophomore or junior. This will prepare them for the ultimate high school celebration!

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