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It’s been a year in the making, but it’s officially here. My daughter has published her first children’s book titled, Bailee’s Nail Box. And she didn’t stop there, but she published a coloring and activity book to go along with it as well.

Why did it take so long? I will be honest, it was me. My daughter wrote this book in 2021, but then I had to find an editor, which was actually easy. The hard part was finding a good illustrator. After searching high and low, interviewing people, etc., we found a great company. They captured the essence of Bailee perfectly (and I even make an appearance or two in the book), but the process was just way longer than I expected. There were just so many approvals, changes (if something wasn’t right), but it took months longer to get this book in our hand.

Originally, I wanted this book as a surprise for her 8th grade graduation. Here we are in August, in full swing into her 9th grade year. However, we’re here!

Bailee’s new book, Bailee’s Nail Box, is for children ages 4-8 and based on Bailee’s journey with her love for nails and starting her business. She shares how going to the nail shop as a little girl transitioned into her own nail stand outside, to a full blown box that shipped all around the country.

It’s also about how she learns that change can be sad and hard, but can also be full of good surprises.

Read here to flash back when Bailee first started her business, and here we are today. I am proud of her for finishing this project and pray this is the first of many books for Bailee. Her books are available on her site,
Bailee’s Nail Box Children’s Book and Coloring/Activity Book

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