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Happy Birthday to My Favorite Girl

My favorite girl was born in 1934.

My favorite girl is the baby of 7 kids (5 girls and 2 boys).

My favorite girl lost her mom at 2 and her dad at 4. She was raised by her oldest sister.

My favorite girl had 4 children, and raised the last 2. One of which was my mom.

My favorite girl is my Grandmother, Corrine. (Her name is the only Tatoo I have)

Have you have ever had one person in your life that single handedly either changed the course, added the most value or just shaped who you are?

That is my grandmother. Today is her Birthday. She’s is 84. 

I am so blessed to be a woman of a certain age and to have my grandmother in my life. My grandmother is healthy, beautiful and still in her right mind. I literally can’t imagine life without her. I don’t want to. She’s my constant. She’s my angel on earth. She’s my personal gift from God. 

(I have a special place in my heart for anyone who has a birthday on October 24th. The couple of people who are actually in my life who are born on this day are so special to me. These people are kind, sincere, passionate, honest, giving, they work hard and they love hard. They are amazing. It’s all because my grandmother set that bar!)

My grandmother:

  • Taught me to read early, which allowed me to skip Kindergarten
  • Helped me get my first library card
  • Helped me opened my first bank account
  • Helped me get my first job
  • Saved for 2 years for me to get braces
  • Bought my first computer
  • Taught me the value of thrifting (although I hated it growing up)
  • Paid for my first year of college and helped me throughout college when I called
  • Went half with me on my 1st car
  • Bought my first cell phone
  • Taught me about morals and values without saying a word
  • Attended every graduation, ceremony and event ..

I really could go on and on and on about the things my grandmother has done for me. She’s been the one constant in my life that no matter what was going on, she was always in my corner.

100% in my corner and still at 40 years old, she is still 100% in my corner. 

It’s funny because at 40, I still want to make her happy. I still want to do things that impress her, and make her proud. When she calls me and ask, “What are you up to now? I know it’s something!” It shows me, she is still paying attention to what I have going on.

For the first time in a long time, I told her, “Nothing.” She got silent like I was sick or something. “Are you ok? That is not like you!” 

The truth was, I was up to something but I wasn’t ready to share. 

She told me, “Well, get something going. That’s not like you to sit still!”

Happy 84th Birthday Grandma! (I hope you read this) I love you now and forever. I am grateful I can still love on you and tell you Happy Birthday. I pray for many more years with you.

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