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My daughter started wearing glasses a little over a year ago. She started having major headaches and no matter what I asked her about it, her head still hurt. 

  • Have you been drinking water?
  • Did you hit your head?
  • Why does your head hurt?
  • How long has it been hurting?

After going to the pediatrician and passing every test, we headed to the optometrist. My daughter eyes were developing a stigmatism and far sightedness! My daughter’s head was hurting because of her eye condition and it was putting a strain on her eye muscles. 

Out of my three children, My daughter is the only who wears glasses. So, when it was time for back-to-school readiness with:

  • School supplies
  • School clothes
  • Back to school physicals

I had an additional step with her, because I needed to make sure her eyes and eyewear were up to the school year challenge. 

The Dr. also said today kids eyes are stressed out a lot sooner due to phones, tablets, too much tv time and smart boards at school. 

When I was growing up, I didn’t get a computer until I was in the 8th grade. Of course it was a desktop and I only used it for a short while (it was eventually stolen). I didn’t really start using the computer on a regular basis until I entered college. Now, I am on some type of screened device every single day. 

Unlike me, my children have had access to technology from birth. They seem to watch shows, play games, and of course do school work all on their computers or tablets. For them, it’s natural. For me, it might be necessary to an extent but as a parent I also have to make sure we are safe in the process. Safe, meaning our eyes. 

Glasses that Help with Digital Eyestrain

Last year, I won a pair of Phonetic Computer Eyewear (use discount code school10) glasses at a conference. I was so happy because I knew their special lenses reflect and absorb a portion of the blue light emitted from computers, smart phones and other digital devices. 

Our bodies weren’t designed to sit in front of a computer all day, but since many of us do for work (& pleasure) we need all the protection from Digital Eyestrain we can get in the meantime. 

Using a proprietary lens coating, Phonetic Computer Eyewear are able to reflect and absorb a portion of the potentially harmful blue light emitted from computers and other backlit devices. They are made of a high quality 1.56-index optical lens, all of their glasses come standard with the blue light reflecting coating and a hard coat to deter scratching and fingerprint smudges.

Check out our FB Live video (below) where I share Bailee’s story and she expresses why she loves her glasses now. 

Mother Daughter Glasses

Due to the fact my daughter already needs glasses, I like that I can basically kill two birds with one stone:

  • Get her the prescription glasses she needs
  • Add additional protection from digital devices

Phonetic Computer Eyewear (use discount code school10) doesn’t have glasses especially made for children, but they make smaller frame glasses that fit my daughter. I just submitted the prescription with the eye size and they were a perfect fit. 

For me, I love them because they say as you hit 40, your eyes change. While I don’t want to accept this fact, my glasses protect my eyes as I type on my computer everyday. My last eye exam went very well. Although, I police my children and their use of gadgets, I honestly need to do the same for myself. If it’s not my computer, it’s my tablet or my phone. I’m just glad that until I actually put them down, my eyes are taken of. 

One lasts thing: These glasses are cute & you get a discount!

Ok, that’s two things. Outside of the blue light benefit, these glasses are stylish. I have two pair and it was so hard to choose those two because I wanted more. 

You also do not have to wear glasses to use Phonetic Computer Eyewear. If you just want a pair of beautiful glasses to protect your eyes, you can get them without a prescription. 

Use the discount code: SCHOOL10 when you order your new glasses and please tell me which pair you ordered. I would even love to see pics!

Disclaimer: I was compensated with two pairs of glasses but this post are 100% my honest thoughts.

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