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Fashion Friday : What I Wore for the Shar Bates Panel

Fashion Friday : What I Wore for the Shar Bates Panel

This Tuesday (4/1/14), I was delighted to be a panelist on The Shar Bates Show Pilot. The event took place at Bar One, owned by Peter Thomas of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The topic of the evening was “Who Wears The Pants in the Relationship?” The real question is, what did I wear?

I got this cute little Blue & White number from SB Boutique. When I saw it in the store, I was like “Come to mamma!” I wore it with some gold wedges and gold square earrings (also from SB Boutique).

Blue Dress 2

It fit so snug, that I made sure I worked out and ate right all week to look good in this dress. There was no room for error, because the fabric is unforgiving.


The main topic of discussion were relationships:

  • What are the man’s role/expectations in the relationship?
  • What is a woman’s key role/responsibility in the relationship?
  • Do you judge relationship roles based off of past experiences?
  • Do men and women communicate properly?
  • For women: Do list really work?

The first live recorded and streaming Shar Bates Show Live was a great success.  The recent panel discussion hosted by radio show host Shar Bates included myself, Bernetta, DJ Fadelf, DruSkey, and Koereyelle DuBose. Each panelist provided their insight on relationships and gender roles in dating/marriage at the intimate barONE Tapas Lounge.  Audience members asked questions and spoke passionately about “Who Wears The Pants In The Relationship?”

Soft butter colag

I even received some Soft Butter love from Shar Bates, DruSkey & and a new friend I met on IG. I hope they like it, stay soft & smell sweet.

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