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A Facebook Ad Found My New Favorite Stylish Winter Coat

A Facebook Ad Found My New Favorite Stylish Winter Coat

This is going to be a short and to the point post about …. my new coat! Have you ever noticed those Facebook ads on the side of your timeline? Well, one actually caught my eye and I clicked on it. Yup, they got me!

Well, I saw this FAB Winter Coat and actually bought it!

Jolly_BernettaStyle_winter coat

This is the Patch PU Asymmetric Style Long Woolen Blends Coat & it comes in Black and Deep Blue for only $28.99!! I ordered mine and shared it with my friends (they live in different states!). Of course they wanted the link! I then showed it too my BFF (who lives in a different state), she wanted the link!

That got me to thinking, how many other ladies might LOVE this coat! So, here’s the LINK Ladies! After searching this site, I found out they have some CUTE items that are very affordable.

I bought my coat in a deep blue.

Do I like it? Yes and No. It’s thinner than I thought it was. I wanted a new Winter coat, and its more like a Fall jacket. It doesn’t seem to hang like it does on the lady, but it could just be the way I have it on.

It’s a cute jacket, I just don’t love it anymore. I just like it. Meh!

*I decided to sign up as an affiliate so if you purchase anything, I make a little something something.*

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