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I am over the moon excited to be an Evite Influencer! This post is a partnership with Evite® their Say Yes to Summer Campaign. All opinions are are 100% my own.

Yaaaayy!! School is out and summer vacation has officially started for my family. This summer is going to be especially special because it’s our first summer living in Florida. Last year we moved to Florida 2 days before school started. 2 Days!

This year we get to experience a full Florida summer, heat and all! 

No Summer Camp?

Since I have the pleasure of being home this summer, my husband and I agreed that in addition to saving money, we could do some really cool things this summer with the children. 

5 Summer Activities When Your Kids Are Home for the Summer

Travel.  We miss home (Atlanta), and plan on visiting at least twice this summer. The summer time also gives us an opportunity to visit other places in Florida that we haven’t explored yet, like beaches. I heard that the Siesta Key Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida too.

Amusement Parks.  One of the many reasons people visit Florida is for their many amusement parks. We are lucky enough to have many of them within a 1 hour drive.  

Mini Camps. The cool thing about camps now is that they are divided into weeks versus all summer. Each week it’s a new focus or activity which allows you to decide which week your child participates in. This summer, I am going to let my kids pick a couple of weeks at different camps to explore. I think my daughter might try the horseback riding camp. 

Lessons.  Summer doesn’t stop the learning in this house. I’ve already expressed to my children that since the hottest time of the day is between 3 and 5pm, that is when we will do our lessons. Their lessons will be in preparation for the next school grade. It could be computer work, workbooks, reading comprehension or learning a foreign language. 

DIY.  My children don’t know it yet but we are getting our hands dirty. Literally. We are planting things. We are digging up things. We are helping grandpa. The summer is time to get out in the yard and work. It’s a great time to stay active by sprucing things up and doing it ourselves. 

Oh! And PARTY. We are looking forward to partying with our Friends & Family. We have 2 family reunions, 1 July 4th BBQ, and a pre-teen birthday over the summer. My son is already planning his birthday party and thanks to Evite®, all I need to do is invite his friends. 

As an Evite® Influencer, I understand when you’re planning a party, the invitation sets the tone. It gets people excited about the party as they already start imagining all the fun they will have before they get there.

My son is turning 12. He is going to be a pre-teen for real. Where has the time gone? A new chapter will be starting in his life, so I am letting him select his birthday activities in addition to who he wants to invite to his special day. 

Evite® has an amazing variety of summer invitation categories, which includes invitations for BBQsPool PartiesBeach PartiesOutdoor Adventures, as well as all-American holidays such as 4th of July and Labor Day. It makes it easy to bring our friends together for our summer parties! 

What’s Different with Evite®?

We love pictures. We are a society that just can’t put our phone down. Well, with Evite® you can keep all of your photos in one place with Evite’s® private sharing feeds. It’s available on every invitation, for your guest only. It’s a great way for everyone invited to the party to share their memories at any time. 

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However you “Say Yes to Summer”, do it with amazing invitations and give your guest something amazing to look forward to.

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