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My son fell in love with soccer years ago. We would go to the park and he would see other little boys kicking the ball back and forth, and would immediately join in without evening knowing the boys.

Over the years, we’ve placed him in flag football, gymnastics (he wanted to learn how to back flip), t-ball, basketball and track. Through it all, he always played soccer and something lit up in his eyes when he did. 

This past Fall we finally put him in soccer and it was obvious that we should have put him in the game years ago. Now, my oldest and youngest are playing soccer and I couldn’t be happier

As the popularity of soccer continues to rise around the globe, Walt Disney World Resort is teaming with Idea Sport, LLC to host a soccer program for youth athletes at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando, Florida that will be sponsored by La Liga, one of the most successful professional soccer leagues in the world.

Can you say, “Excited!” ?

We’ve been in Florida for 9 months and to hear that Disney is embracing the growth of soccer is wonderful news. 

Through this multi-year agreement, the program presented by LaLiga and Walt Disney World Resort will provide a holistic approach to soccer education with proven, year-round training and development for youth soccer athletes, developing them on and off the field, as well as training for coaches and officials.

“For the last 20 years, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex has been a top venue for athletes of all ages and levels to pursue their sports dreams,” said Faron D. Kelley, vice president of Disney Sports. “As we continue to expand our growing portfolio of youth soccer events, we are excited to work with IdeaSport and LaLiga to provide this world-class development opportunity for youth soccer athletes.”

I would love to take my sons to the open house that will be hosted by LaLiga and Walt Disney World on June 1-4 at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, and training and development is scheduled to begin in late June.

In addition, multiple events and exhibitions are expected to be brought to the complex each year, including a tournament, on-site events and summer camps with current and former LaLiga players and coaches, visits from LaLiga legends and ambassadors, and more events to be announced throughout the multi-year relationship.

3 Benefits of Soccer for Children:

  1. Getting Fit – Soccer is exercise, no way around that. Children get their cardio in and learn how to make quick decisions as they run up and down the field. With consistent exercise and play time, they will be able to stay in shape for the long run.
  2. New Friends – When you get involved in any sport, you make friends. Hopefully, they will create bond and have lasting friendships. In sports, friends can become like siblings because you share so much.
  3. Opening Eyes to new things – new sports brings new experiences. With all of the other sports my child tried, he learned that not all sports are the same. He is learning new moves and techniques but all new disciplines. 

“This represents the coming together of two strong brands where passion, drive and authenticity meet,” said Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga. “This unique opportunity will help aspiring youth soccer players to learn the LaLiga style of soccer from our world-class coaches, players and officials associated with our league.”

LaLiga is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. It has produced Europe’s top-rated club more times (18) than any other league, and it reached 2.1 billion viewers worldwide in the 2015-2016 season, according to Nielsen ratings. During the first round of the 2016-17 season, that number grew by 37 percent.

Register for the open house here

This is going to be great for young children that love soccer. Now, I need figure out how to get my son’s involved!

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