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The cool part about being a new Florida resident is that we still get to experience many parks and attractions as first time visitors. 

Last week, we did a staycation at the LEGOLAND Beach Resort and spent the day at LEGOLAND Florida. LEGOLAND was only a 45 minute drive from our house, which was great because that cut down on the kids asking, “Are we there yet?”

In the past, I’ve been to a LEGOLAND in Atlanta, Disney Springs and Chicago. Although they were all cool and the kids enjoyed themselves, LEGOLAND Florida was totally different. It’s actually a child’s version of a Six Flags. Meaning, its an outside park with rides, games, parks and shows that are created for kids up to age 12. 

My children ages range between 4 – 11, so it was the perfect time to take them.

Check out our 5 minute video of our family LEGOLAND experience

Here are my 5 reasons to visit LEGOLAND Florida:

1 Made just for kids 

I love that LEGOLAND Florida was made with younger kids in mind. I have a 4 year old and he was able to participate and enjoy in just about every event, show and ride.

Most of the rides have an area where the kids play with legos while the parents wait in line. I love that. The kids get to enjoy themselves which makes them forget all about how long the line is.

2 Apple Fries

I shared a picture that I was at LEGOLAND on social media and someone commented, “You must try those Apple fries!” So, that was our last stop before we left. These were so good, I’m trying to find a way to bring them back to the Tampa area. But seriously, I’m glad that they are only at LEGOLAND because I know I will always have a must have treat when I go back.


Have you ever walked into a hotel and you heard screaming in the lobby? When you enter the lobby of LEGOLAND, you see children playing in a huge play spot and building with legos. The hotel looks just like a lego built house. We actually didn’t stay in the hotel, but we couldn’t leave without taking a peek inside.

We stayed in the LEGOLAND Beach resort, which is 1 block from LEGOLAND Florida. The beach resort are little houses which are put into small groups. It looks like little neighborhoods. In the middle of each cluster of houses is a small playground for the children.

4 Water park 

The water park is connected to LEGOLAND (located in the back of the park), but you still must pay to enter. We didn’t stay long enough to visit the water park and it rained the day we visited but we did peek in. With this Florida heat, I believe our next visit to LEGOLAND will be to the water park.


You can actually bring your own food into the park and eat at any of the picnic areas. This is a good money saver if you have a big family. Just pack you a few drinks and sandwiches, because kids always seems to be hungry. Unless it’s just mine. The food prices at Legoland Florida don’t have a huge mark up like most amusement parks, which is great incase you don’t want to bring food inside. 

During our trip it started to rain while we were in line for our first roller coaster. They shut down all the rides for about 2 hours. During that time, we went to see the Friends to the Rescue Live Stage Show and a 4D show in the Wells Fargo Theater. However, we missed out on the Pirates Cove Show due to the rain. 

It eventually stopped raining about 1 hour before they closed and we were able to ride a few more rides, but it was mad dash to get to them all. 

How much does it cost to visit LEGOLAND Florida?

I would suggest checking the online specials before you visit the park. They have different specials throughout the year.

Also, depending on how long you’re visiting the area, you might consider getting a 2 day pass so you can spend time at the water park. You can also get KIDS GO FREE pass off of Amazon! 

We enjoyed our day at the park, and would love to take our children back soon. After staying in the resort, we had a great breakfast (included) and headed back home. 

Disclaimer: I was given passes to Legoland Florida and a discounted rate for the Legoland Beach Resort. All thoughts are 100% my own.

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