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What is one little (but big) nugget your mom or dad gave you as a youngster, that you still use today? I find myself doing so many things that my mother and grandmother told me when I was a child and teenager.

For example:

  • Drink water – I hated water growing up as a child & teenager. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that power in water that I added a lime to it and it became my drink of choice.
  • Eat your greens – I hated greens too (mustard, collards, turnips – you name it). I still don’t love them but now I eat them with no problems. Also, developing a love for Kale and Spinach has helped me get my daily dose of healthy greens too. 
  • Watch your back – My mom always taught me to watch my surroundings. Watch and see if someone is following you, under your car or walking behind you. That came in handy on at least 3 occasions where I was being followed and almost snatched (once in middle school, high school and college).

Now that I’m a mother, I find myself repeating these same lessons to my own children. 

Over the years, I am grateful for these simple life lessons that I still use today. I wrote a fun FB post asking my FB friends to share something their mother (father or grandparents) taught them, and the responses were cool (answers are below).

Not only did I learn a few things, but I welcome you to please share your own lessons at the end of this post.  #MotherKnowsBest

1.When I was a teenager, my mom told me to use a washcloth or spoon and hold it under the hottest water I could stand and apply it to a pimple or when I feel it coming under the skin on my face. It will immediately go away. I’m 41, and I still do this and keeping my skin clear. I’ve only ever received a scar when I’ve tried to pop it myself. – Bernetta

2.She said to never trust a man who wears red shoes. – Stacey  
Now I did ask Stacey why, but she didn’t know! 

3. Don’t bathe in really hot water. Over time it will make the skin look broken and old. She never lied about that. Even my dermatologist had to continually warn me against doing this (I love hot showers, and so do my kids). We’ve definitely stopped doing this and I see the difference in my skin too. – April

4.Put vaseline on your face every night, keeps wrinkles away. Works by locking in moisture, without clogging pores. – Tangula

5.One thing my grandma said to me, that I went totally against was sleeping in a bra. No thank you. I have to take that bondage off every evening! – Tan

6.Listen to understand not respond. – Tawanda

7.Take care of my feet! Soak them weekly, keep them moisturized by using a little Vaseline and tube socks! – Yulunda

8.Pretty is as pretty does! She ingrained this in me and my daughters. – Jennifer

9.Bend over at the waist and drink at least 6 oz of water to get rid of hiccups. It works! – Tiffany

10.Stand up straight. It’s so simple but my mom and aunties were always telling me to stand up straight and they’d get on my nerves. But now I’m grateful cause when I see women with bad posture I’m like, “Yuck!” – Roni

11.Oh! The best thing is to use Vaseline and lotion as a paste on my skin every night. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid and my skin is super smooth. – Roni 

12.When encountering a food you have never eaten, try it and then if you don’t like it, you can then say I have tried and I don’t like it. – Lori

13.Never let your right hand know what the left is doing. – Kita

14.She taught me so many things! To this day, I keep my onions in the fridge so they won’t make me cry when I cut them. – Rochelle

15. Don’t do what other people do, make your own way. – Micheal 

Which ones above were your favorite? What are some life lessons or nuggets your mother told you that you still use today?  Help me add some to this list. 

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