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Who Motivates the Motivators of Disney Dreamers Academy? #ddaDisney

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I am a dreamer. 

That is one thing I can truly say about myself. Living my dream has always been important to me. It’s just as important for me to see the people I come in contact with to live their dream as well.

I remember when I graduated college and worked for companies like IBM and JPMorgan Chase, I would still ask my co-workers, “What is your dream? What do you really want to do?”

Although we were working for great companies, I knew sitting in a cubicle for 40 hours a week was not the life I wanted to lead. Which means I knew my co-workers had to have bigger dreams too. 

Fast forward to 2018. I’m still asking people, “What’s your dream?” The great thing is, I meet more people that are working for their dream life than ever before.

People are really choosing happiness.

What I am learning is that even though we all have a dream, we still need the motivation to pursue it sometimes. 

I recently (March 8th-11th) attended the 11th annual Disney Dreamers Academy at Walt Disney World in Orlando with Steve Harvey & Essence Magazine. Although this event was created for 100 teens to experience a weekend of possibilities of what their life could look like if they do not give up, it’s also a huge push for the parents to know that it’s not too late for their dream.

Sometimes, you just need motivation. 

Over the weekend, I was given the opportunity to speak with many of the Disney Dreamer Academy speakers, including Steve Harvey. Although these speakers are successful in many areas of their lives, they too still need to be motivated.

If these powerhouses need to be motivated and they have in our eyes, “made it” why don’t you have to be motivated to make your dreams still happen. 

Dreams don’t have a deadline. 

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Here’s what Steve said when I asked him if he still needs motivation: 

Steve: Everyone needs motivation. I need a lot of reminders. I get backed up. I have Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Oprah, and Tyler’s numbers in my phone. I don’t really need motivation. I need guidance sometimes. 

Check out my facebook live with Steve Harvey (I ask my question around 4:16) but the whole interview is good.

Who doesn’t love Lisa Nichols? I’ve been following her for years and she always motivates me to keep walking in my purpose and live my dreams. I had the honor of first interviewing her at Essence in 2014. It’s so cool that 4 years later, I get to speak with her again. (I just had an AHA moment after that sentence, that’s another blog post). 

Here’s what Lisa said when I asked her if she still needs motivation: 

Lisa: I think everyone needs motivation and I don’t tap into one person. I really keep tapping into my purpose. Who motivates me are you guys. When I see someone take the message, run with it and say “look at what I did”.

That’s everything. It’s far more important than me listening to another motivational speaker. I’m motivated by evidence. I’m an evidence girl. I don’t want to be the only person that has this hook up. I didn’t get a hookup. So when I see people coming through and they have transformed their lives, that keeps me going. 

Dr. Steve Perry is a force in education and been fighting for disadvantaged children and families for over 30 years. He is the educator Oprah Winfrey, Sean Combs, Bishop TD Jakes and Steve Harvey call on to offer insight to parents and children.

I love his no-nonsense approach when it comes to education and parenting our children. It’s always a pleasure to be in his presence and listen to him speak. You can tell educating children are his passion. 

Here’s what Dr. Perry said when I asked him if he still needs motivation: 

I don’t understand who can look at the children that I see in Harlem and Bridgeport, whose lives are in danger from going to school. Who can die just going to school? I don’t know who isn’t inspired by that. When I see other teachers who… I don’t understand how you’re not motivated.

I don’t know what it means to be in that space and be in their air and not be inspired. I can’t believe God put me on this earth and live among them! How do you not want to give them everything and fight anybody, anywhere, at any time – in some cases them and their parents to get them to where they need to be. Sometimes the hardest part of what I do is trying to convince them that they are dope and special. These kids are so talented and so young, it must be tough. 

Yolanda Adams brought down the house when she sang on the commencement day for the Disney Dreamers ceremony. I don’t remember seeing anyone sitting in their chair when the words rang out, “God is saving the best for last!”

Again, another reminder that your dreams are always a possibility if you believe, act and do! 

Here’s what Yolanda Adams said when I asked her who motivated her as she was growing up to follow her dreams?

My first level of extreme motivation was my family. My mom, dad, and grandparents. They pushed us to be our best and to be individuals. I’m the oldest of six children.

I’m the big sister and because I was doing a lot of things, like tennis and track, my siblings were not to required to do the same thing I was doing but they supported me. I think that was my first push of huge motivation, my family. 

Do you still need to be motived and how?

You have to be motivated every day! People who have accomplished a lot of things, still have other things they want to do. I want to do more television, more movies, more things with my production company that impact people.

I think what tends to happen is people think you don’t have to have this motivation once you graduate college and get this nice job and you’re settled. But no, there is always something more to reach for.

You must be self-motivated too. Self-motivation is the best motivation because you’re not looking for someone else to say, it’s time to do it, it’s time to get up. 

Wow. I left this amazing 4 day weekend recharged and yes more motivated to walk in my purpose and make destiny happen. It’s great to show your children, you have dreams too!

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There were so many things to share that I couldn’t add it all in one post. I’ll soon be sharing more about Disney Dreamers and why your child needs to experience this once in a lifetime event in person and not just read about it.

I was a part of the media team selected to attend and cover the Disney Dreamers Academy. The thoughts and opinions of this experience are 100% my own. 

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