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#WW : Short Boy Cut QW Protective Style

#WW : Short Boy Cut QW Protective Style


I haven’t done a Wordless Wednesday post in a very long time, but today I wanted to show my cute little boy cut!

For the last few weeks I have been wearing crochet braids (with Marley hair), but I all that hair was getting on my nerves. Although, I like the style-I had to roll it every few days and dip it in hot water to keep the curl pattern. I started off with the hair past my shoulders and every week, I cut it short and short until I have a crochet bob by the time I went to Essence.

The day I returned from New Orleans, I took that stuff OUT!! I would do it again (Marley Hair), but not often because of the hot water. When I get a protective style, I want to get up and go.

So, Monday I decided to go with my favorite go-to protective style, a QW (Quick Weave). I can always get the cutest short cut look without actually cutting my real hair. My hair stylist braids my hair underneath and adds the hair to a stocking cap. She then cuts and styles the hair to fit my face. I am able to remove it at night or whenever I want. Easy, cute, simple and stylish!!

So much for Wordless huh?

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