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Yes, I’m still in shock that we have our own swimming pool. 

[VIDEO BELOW] I’ve included a video of the pool process if you’re interested in getting one built. My tip is – buy a house with a pool instead.

Growing up (in a north Chicago suburb) I didn’t have a swimming pool. I didn’t know anyone who did. A pool was for people on TV. It just wasn’t my reality. The only pool I saw growing up was at the YMCA (and that was about 2-3 times). We just went to the beach.

Even when we lived in Atlanta (no one had a pool) and started our family and bought a house, a pool never entered my mind. However, my husband did grow up with a pool and always talked about the good ole pool days! I was still like, “That’s cool – but whatever.” (My mind still couldn’t get there, it was too big for me. Out of my reach).


Well, when we moved to Florida – he said when we buy a house he wants a pool. I told him, “I don’t NEED a pool!” I was serious. I just wanted a screen because bugs run this state! He kept saying he wanted a pool. We then agreed that if we pay off all of our debt, we will get a pool AND PAY CASH FOR IT.

Welp!! We paid off our debt December 2019. I promise, I thought he forgot about that pool nonsense! LOL!! In June 2020, he started inviting people over our house for pool estimates. He was ready. Well, we signed our pool contract in July 2020, they didn’t start construction until November 6th and are finally finished now (around the 1st week of February). 

It was an emotional process for me because as I child, I couldn’t conceive this so as an adult I was still not able to. (If that makes sense). However, since my husband did have one – it was no big deal to him. A pool for me was far fetched, out of my reach but as I stand on this deck – it just reminds me how good God is and how he can bless me really give me more than I can ask or think. I did NOT want this pool, but NOW I’m so excited to have it and glad my husband kept going for what he wanted for this family.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood on this patio as it was being built amazed. I kept saying, “I have a pool! My kids will have a swimming pool!” And it’s PAID IN FULL! This is big for me.

Video of our entire process:

We used Tampa Bay pools. What would normally take 4-6 weeks to build a pool, took 10-12 weeks because of COVID and a huge demand for pools. We had 3 other people in our community getting pools at the same time. Everyone used different companies. 

Would I recommend Tampa Bay Pools? I would. I give them a solid B. Why? Because we learned later that the gentleman who sold us the pool gave us options he gave everyone and left things out (that we actually wanted and would have paid for) that he also left out with others. There was also a period of time when no one did any work on our yard for 4 weeks with no notice, calls or updates. I actually thought they took our month and dipped. I called up there and they showed up the same day.

The left our yard a complete mess. The man they sent to clean up mentioned that it’s never that bad. Other than that, the end result was beautiful. After it’s over, you have to attend pool school – they teach you how to take care of your pool. 

My favorite part

The screen. I love it. I’ve wanted a screen since I moved to Florida. It keeps the bugs, frogs, mosquitoes and the lizards out. Also, its a few degrees cooler under the screen versus the direct sun light. I can sit outside in the morning now and drink my tea or at night and sip on a glass of wine and still enjoy the stars! OMG, I can’t wait. 

We’ve already been in the pool (it’s winter, but we have a pool heater and it’s in the 70s and 80s here). Everyone is loving it. 

I have a pool y’all! 

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