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I enjoy a good family activity but the TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park took it to another level. When my family was invited to spend the day at TreeHoppers, I quickly went to their website to see what we were in for. It was cool to see different obstacle courses involving trees. 

However, when you actually get on the property and see these courses, it’s an entirely different feeling. My oldest son thought we were going to just walk in the forest. I wish you could have seen his face when he saw what we were going to actually be doing.

most fun and ended up doing more courses than anyone. Sadly, his last course was cut short by a terrible storm that started and lightning was near. 

In this picture below, the red spot is my son, the grey spot is my husband! Do you see how far they are from the ground? 

Also, if you live in Florida (Tampa area) or plan to visit soon, I’m giving away 4 tickets to TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park. (Details below)

What is TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park?

TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park is the largest zip line aerial adventure park in Central Florida, located just north of Tampa, Florida. The excitement of being in the trees, the thrill of the climb and the amazing experiences are all reasons they’re confident that you have come to the right place for an adventure like no other!

There are a series of platforms interwoven throughout the trees connected by cable, wood, rope and zip lines to form different elements. Each element presents a different challenge of how to get to the next platform. The TreeHoppers park equals a total of 9 different courses with over 100 unique elements, creating a series of adventures to lead you throughout the forest.

You’ll receive a harness and complete safety & equipment orientation before your climb. Their proprietary safety system helps keep your climbing harness securely attached to the safety line at all times. 

TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park is:

  • Outdoor fun in nature’s beauty
  • Fun for toddlers, kids, teens and adults
  • Great for group events
  • A great way to challenge yourself at your pace and personal speed
  • Environmentally friendly – no motors and no electricity
  • Great for building self-confidence
  • A feel-good exercise

How do you enter the giveaway?

Comment on this post with why you and your family would enjoy this experience or comment on my IG post about TreeHoppers

What I loved the most is that my youngest son could do courses too. They had two courses he could do and he rocked it out. My husband helped him snap his safety clips, then he was on to the next obstacle. He was fearless. 

Do you think your family would enjoy something like this? You should enter the giveaway.

Check out their website for all the details.

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