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I promise, I thought we made it. Meaning, we had went over a year without being personally impacted by COVID. Then it paid us a visit.

My daughter and son went to teen night at the skating rink one Friday in July. Then they went to teen night at the church the following night. A few days later (Wednesday), Bailee just wasn’t looking right. It was a look in her eyes. A look of tiredness. I touched her and she was HOT! I took her temperature and it was 102.6. That night her temp got as high as 104.

The next day we got her tested for COVID and it was positive.

I was so scared. SCARED!

There were so many questions about what will happen next. Then came my tears.

The doctor at urgent care told us to give her vitamin D, vitamin C, super B Complex, Zinc and Tylenol. We also added elderberry. We all started taking it, just in case it was coming our way. Two days later, my oldest son had a temperature of 102. And was in the bed all day. We tested him the next day. Positive.

Bailee was down for about 4 days. Earl was down 3. Once that fever broke, they were feeling better and quickly got back to normal. At the same time, I started to feel weird. Oh no!!!!!! Please don’t tell me I have COVID.

I never got tested, but as soon as they were feeling better, I got a fever and felt so weak. I was in the bed for 3 days and lost 5lbs. Day 4, I could hardly walk but it wasn’t because I was sick, it was because I hadn’t eaten. I was weak. After I started eating more, my strength came back and I started to feel better. I only had a fever on day one. I had a headache and just tiredness. Towards the end of the week, my taste and smell left for a few days, but came back. Day 5, I was taking my first walk around the block (with help).

My husband started feeling sick the same day I did (Monday), but unfortunately had a fever for 9 days. The fever lingered between 99 – 102. We were still giving him all of the same vitamins, medicine and even tried some other things people told us to try. Still, a fever for 9 days. I was TERRIFIED! I called his friends and ask them to PRAY! They did.

Prayer works

The fever finally broke on day 10. Currently, we are day 14 with my husband. He is on the other side of it but trying to get his energy back. I’m grateful through it all, he could still breathe and didn’t have any major pain. Just tired and weak. He lost 10 pounds!

I think our cases were still very mild compared to others and for that I’m grateful.

I’m sad that my daughter missed the Jr. Olympics in Texas. She was devastated, but we reassured her she still had an amazing track season, and we will go for it again next year. It was the first week in August, and although she was feeling good – she missed a week of practice and we know she wouldn’t have been competing at her best. Also, because her dad was still recovering, we couldn’t have went anyway.

I took off work to go to Houston, but I spent my vacation nursing my husband back to health and getting my children ready for school. I do not wish Covid on anyone, and that’s even the mild case. The scariest part is not knowing how it will affect you. You just don’t know. Taking care of 2 children COVID, trying to prevent your 3rd from getting it, then nursing yourself back to health while trying to help your husband and still make sure the kids are ok is ALOT!! 

Can you say this woman needs a break? Friday, I left and just went to treat myself to a crab boil. It was delish! And next month, I will be headed to Arizona for the first time with friends. I can’t wait. I need this! 

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