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My New Book – My Yearbook of Blessings

My New Book - My Yearbook of Blessings


How many times has God answered a specific prayer for you?

This is a blessings & prayer journal where you can express the specific prayers that God has answered for you over the year. Once written, you will have a book full of answered prayers and blessings from God. You will be able to look back and see just how much God has listened and answered your prayer request which will strengthen your faith and connection with God.

Why did I decide to create this journal? Well, it all goes back to my roots in prayer. I grew up in the church, surrounded by lessons about God and prayer. As I navigated through life, my relationship with God deepened, and so did my understanding of prayer. Over the years, I became more intentional in my conversations with Him.

What struck me was not just that God answered my prayers, but how specifically He did so. It hit me hard, especially during  the 2022-2023 year when my eldest was a senior. 

One significant prayer involved his college journey. When he got accepted, there were no scholarships on the horizon. My plea was straightforward: I needed scholarships to cover his entire freshman year. And, miraculously, by the time he set foot on campus, every penny was covered through scholarships for freshman year and beyond.

At the moment, I felt that I really wanted to write this down because this is a powerful prayer that
you’ve answered. I want to remember the goodness of YOU. 

Then it happened again. I started to notice similar divine interventions in other aspects of my life, like my job. After several unsuccessful attempts within my current workplace, I took a break from job hunting. When I was ready to try again, my prayer for a new job was specific: a good manager, a role I could excel in, a fantastic team, and, of course, a bump in the paycheck. But here’s the big prayer request —I asked for the job to find me, not the other way around.

Guess what, a few weeks later, my manager sent me a job opening he thought suited me and believed aligned with my skills, a design consultant position. Long story short, I got the job without it even being officially posted. I couldn’t help but see God’s hand in it. I again wanted to write this down so I could never forget this blessing.

These moments, these and many more answered prayers, were too significant to forget. That’s when I decided to start jotting them down. I wanted a tangible way to remember the blessings, a record of how faithful God had been. And that’s how “My Yearbook of Blessings” came to be.

So, I encourage you to keep this journal close, jot down those moments when God comes through for you. When life gets tough, and you feel like He’s not hearing you, flip through these pages and be reminded of the times He did. Because if He did it before, He can and will surely do it again, in His time all year long. Happy writing!


My Yearbook of Blessings Journal Book features:

1) Paper Size 8.5×11 with 200 Pages included.
2) Printed on White Paper with a Premium Cover..
3)Record the Prayers Requested and Answered. The Blessings
4) Learn why is prayer so powerful?
5) What are three powerful prayers?
6) Write about your relationship with God and where you desire it go.
7) Perfect for Personal use or as a Gift for Holidays, Birthdays, and Devotionals, among other


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