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I am too excited about my new arrival. This is NOT a sponsored post. No one sent me shoes to review, test or try. I have wanted these shoes for over a year and ended up buying something else instead. Although my plan B works. I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting the real thing. So, I had a little extra mulah in my account and decided to see if I could find any specials. Whaalaa!! I found these Vibram Five Fingers on for $39.99 and FREE SHIPPING! Honestly, I was mad because when I first saw them they were $36. I went back a few days later and the price went up. #lovetosave  In the video below I explain why I wanted these shoes.

Video of me trying on my Vibrams!

So, I went to Amazon & Ebay to compare prices. They were actually higher then Their prices averaged around $50. I then went to the actual Vibram website to get details and the actual shoe I was ordering was …. wait for it…. $90!! I immediately knew I had a deal and ordered the shoes Tuesday. It’s Friday Morning and they arrived at my job. I wasn’t expecting them until next week. I can’t wait to workout in them this evening.

Also, when  you order these shoes make sure you visit the website and follow the guidelines for measuring your foot correctly.

1 .Stand with your heels against a wall

2. Slide a ruler under each foot. Measure the distance from the wall to the tip of the longest toe.

3. Enter the longer of the two measurments below (in inches) Note: If you fall BETWEEN sizes, you should round UP to next size

Vibram FiveFingers® footwear is designed to optimize your fitness goals, allowing your foot to move more naturally during your workout. Whether you’re crushing a crossfit session, hitting the yoga mat, or doing some cardio, using our minimalist fitness footwear encourages your feet to stay connected to the ground. This allows your foot to move and flex as if barefoot giving you a better sense of awareness and allowing you to train at the highest level possible

Do you have a favorite work out shoe? Or have you tried these?

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