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My goal is to age gracefully. I have never really considered plastic surgery (I am still young), but I think monthly facials will help (I want to start getting them regularly, and with the surge of sites like Candle Spa, Groupon, Living Social, etc., you can get facials for as low at $15 now!) In between professional assistance there are always things you can do at home. I wanted to share some of mine, some of the ones I’ve read in various magazines (ex: Essence) and would love for you to share a few of yours! So let’s get started!

1). Splash your face 20 times with lukewarm water mixed with the lather from your cleansing bar, followed by 10 splashes of cool, clean running water. This helps soften the skin and flush out the pores. Beatrice Simmions, Atlanta

2) Change your pillowcases weekly so the oil from your hair doesn’t transfer to your face and cause breakouts. Edrica Scott, Georgia

3) Make your own skin smoothing and softening bath soak with a mix of sea salt, dry milk and baking soda. Divineangelic Rogers

4) Lip gloss is like an oil and attracts the sun, so don’t forget to put sunscreen on your lips first because they can burn easily. Plus sun damage is one of the culprits behind lip discoloration.

5) Avoid rubbing your eyes. The more you rub them, the greater the chance that the skin around them will get darker. Rubbing inflames the area and causes more pigmentation to be deposited into the thin skin.

6) If you wear a scarf at night, add an extra layer of protection by putting a moisturizer cream around your edges, especially at the nape of your neck.

7) To create your most natural nude lip, before you apply a clear lip gloss – put on a bit of concealer that matches your skin tone.

8). To use less foundation for a more natural look – dip your sponge in water, squeeze out, then dip it in your base. The sponge will soak up the water and be too full to absorb excess foundation.

9) Instead of lipstick, mix eye shadow or blush with lip gloss. Ester L. Green
I haven’t tried this one, but I plan on it. Just to see what color I can come up with!

10) Tia Mowry’s tips (from Nick’s Instant Mom)
“I rub ice on my face in the morning before I put on makeup and evening before I go to bed. “Olive oil works wonders for me. I use it to moisturize my entire body and I use it on my baby too.”

11) Brandy’s tips (the singer)
“My mom taught me at a very young age to rub upward when applying moisturizer to prevent wrinkles.”

12) Cucumbers are perfect for puffiness around the eyes.

13) Egg whites as a mask, really keeps the skin tight.

14) Preparation H under the eyes takes the early-morning bags. Wendy Raquel Robinson

Butter Collage

15) I use my personal creation, Soft Butter. I make it with a Shea Butter base and add Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Grapeseed oil. My body stays super soft. I use it from head to toe. Everyone that tries it loves how it moisturizes their skin. Get yours at

16)DRINK MORE WATER! It hydrates your skin from the inside out! It gives it a natural glow that no product every could.

17) EXERCISE > You already know it’s good for your body, health and aids in you aging gracefully in every way! 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. I personally enjoy Zumba and currently added Fitness Blender to my workout regimen!

18) Eat HEALTHY! A video blogger I follow gave all her followers a challenge; eat healthy 6 days and week and whatever on the 7th! It’s harder in the beginning, but once you make it a way of life – you will feel the difference. What’s better, you will see the difference shown on your skin, weight loss and more energy. You can do all of the above, but nothing can out do eating right and exercise!

What are your tips?

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