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Fab Top 5 Features My Kids Need in a Summer Luxury Car (Lexus 460 LS Review)

Kids these days are so spoiled! They have cell phones, tablets, laptops, and summer trips in luxury cars. My children do not have phones, and they broke their tablets, but thanks to their mom being a blogger they get to experience Lexus luxury – if only for 7 days. The Lexus brand is my favorite car and I thought I was excited when the 2015 Lexus 460 LS arrived, but my kids screamed louder than I did.

It was actually my children who found the coolest features in the car. I was like a kid in a Lexus Car Candy Store. When we do buy our next car, these top 5 features are going to definitely be included. I hope!

1. Massage Chairs: For a split second I thought I was in a nail salon when the seat starting massaging my back. My kids had their hands behind their back like they were in heaven!

2. DVD Player (Rear Seat Entertainment): The first thing my oldest two children noticed when they opened the car was the DVD player coming out of the ceiling. They grabbed their favorite movie, “Let it Shine” and watched it as I drove around our city. My husband and I enjoyed that we were able to turn the volume on only in the back of the car. They were able to enjoy their movie while we enjoyed our conversation.

3. Charger Outlets: Today children carry their electronics everywhere they go, it’s great that the Lexus 460 LS comes with a variety of outlets to keep everything charged. My son loves that it actually has a plug outlet too!

4. Reclining Seats & Ottoman: I literally couldn’t believe my eyes when my daughter showed me the remote control and watched the back seat recline. I then noticed the foot area started to rise. I kept saying, “Is this real?” The back seat passengers are getting special treatment! They call this Executive Class seating. (Click the image to see the video)

5. Special Powers: When you have children in the car with you, safety is the most important thing. The technology in the Lexus 460 LS basically thinks before you have a chance to react. The car is able to pan the area around you and sense if an accident could potentially happen. The system can detect if you are not paying attention to the road (scary but true). It’s programed to tighten the seat belts, and preload the brake system, so when you do use them they stop quicker than normal. Also, the car will completely stop if it needs too (at 24 mph or less). The official name is the Precollison System.

These things made my children happy and I heard, “Mommy, can we keep this car!” more than I wanted to. Mainly because I had to keep saying, “NO!”

Although those features I mentioned about were great, there were so many more things that I simply loved and if I am honest – just not acusomed to in my own vehicle. I drove that Lexus and thought, “So this is how the other side lives huh!?” The car starts out at $72.5K, so yes – it’s the other side!

A few more FABULOUS features: 

  • Security: the car senses when they keys are near the car and it automatically unlocks! I found out the hard way with this feature. I kept thinking the car would not lock and I was afraid to walk away from it.
  • Mouse: just like a computer, this car has a mouse that allows you to navigate the dashboard features.
  • Navagation: An amazing 12.3 split screen that display everything you ever wanted to know about the car. The voice activated system follows over 100 commands.
  • Performance: The ride is so smooth that I didn’t feel bumps. It felt like I was literally riding on clouds. I looked up and I was going 70 (on a 25 mph road, shhhhhhh!!) with the V8 engine.
  • 4 Zone Climate Control: basically everyone in the car has their own climate control (did I mention this car has air conditioned seats too!)
  • Blind spot assistance: We’re taught to always shoulder check before we change lanes, but this car does that for you.

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