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I love a nice dress! Don’t you?  Spring Dresses

I love Spring time because I get to go into my closet and just grab a dress and not worry about cold weather, stockings, tights  or even boots! The hardest decision that accompanies wearing a dress are what accessories & shoes to select! Which really isn’t that hard of a choice.

All Dresses are NOT Created Equal:

Just because you are a wife and/or mother, there are ways to still dress and feel like, “I’ve still got it!” Sometimes as mothers, we let ourselves get into the “Mommy Dress Rut” and we take care of the children first and take care of ourselves last. Well, not this Spring!

Here are 5 dresses that you should add to your wardrobe for different occasions of the season:

Girlfriends Dress:

As a busy woman (and everything that includes; wife, mom, blogger, & much more) I look forward to a Girls Night Out. These nights allow us to catch up, laugh, be social and basically cut loose. Whether it’s a lunch date with the girls, a Saturday night dinner or a Sunday afternoon brunch – find a perfect dress to make you feel pretty and carefree.  Dress below: Goodwill $6

 Saturday Dress:

On the weekends we are usually handling extra business or taking our children to their social events (birthday parties, sporting games, & play dates). Well, who said you had to be frumpy about it! You can still wear an adorable dress with the kids on the go. Saturday dresses are made for comfortable cuteness! Dress below: Last Chance Thrift $4


Thrifted Dress:

It’s all about the price tag for me! I like nice things, but I like a nice price tag too and when you have a family to care for – you sometimes cut corners to keep more coins in your pocket. A thrift store (Goodwill, Salvation Army, or local shops) can allow you to stay stylish for what seems like change! I’ve found so many adorable dresses between the price range of $2.00-$12.00, that people now try to guess where and how much! The cool thing is, by the time it hits the thrift store shelves – it’s now one of a kind! Dress below: Goodwill $12 (because it was a formal, most dresses are 5.99)


Mother’s Day Dress:

Whether you go to church on Mother’s Day or your family treats you to a nice lunch, you still want to look great. I’ve found great Mother’s Day dresses at Ross, Target and even department stores. It’s all about how good you feel when you put the dress on. This is a day you celebrate being a mom, so of course I rock a dress that makes me feel beautiful and motherly! Motherly doesn’t mean, homely either! Dress below: SB Boutique (gifted, but $200)


and last by not least….

Freak’em Dress:

Beyonce made this term famous from one her songs, but as a fan – I realized I had a few in my closet too. Now, freak ’em dresses are not to be worn with the kids around! Unless, you are on your way to drop them off at the babysitter. A freak ’em dress is usually worn on date night with your husband, lover, or boo. This dress lets him know:

  • You still got it
  • You still KNOW you got it
  • You are more than just a mom
  • And those workouts are not in vain   

Dress below: ASOS $55

Ladies, add these dresses to your Spring wardrobe and you will be ready for every possible occasion in style!

Please answer this, what dress category do you need to make sure you have?

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