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A few weeks ago I hosted our monthly Mocha Moms meeting and our topic was, what are “5 things that you can’t live without!” The Mochas had to bring the items and talk about why they were so important to them. It was a very interesting night. We learned alot about each other and learned about alot of new products as well. Today, I decided to share my 5 things.

1) Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap.
Sold at Target for $4.99

This soap is known as an acne prone face & body bar. I usually don’t have breakouts and I thought using this would keep it that way. I originally bought this soap for my face but now I use it all over. I have even washed my hair with this soap. If you rub the bar on your hair under the shower water, it will suds up so quick and didn’t leave my hair dry like normal shampoo. I feel it keeps my skin clear and it doesn’t have all the unnatural toxic ingredients most commercial soaps do. I love it!

2) Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer, SPF 30.
Sold at Walmart, Target for an average price of $14.99
I go back and forth between Olay and Aveeno Moisturizers. The real important part of # 2 is the sunscreen. Sunscreen is a great anti-ager! And I happen to get great moisturizing coverage and sunscreen protection from Aveeno. I like their positively radiant because it promotes that it evens out skin tone & texture and it’s supposed to give you a natural glow. Supposed too! Also when I visited a dermatologist she said Aveeno & Neutrogena are great products for your skin.

 3) Bernetta’s Body Butter Blend
Sold at Etsy & Beauty Depot, Marietta, GA $10-$17

Now what can I say about this product. This is a product that I created by accident. I don’t have a relaxer and would mix all natural products for my hair and one day rubbed my skin. I was amazed at how soft my creation for my hair left my skin feeling. I changed a few things, added a few things and Whalaaa > Bernetta’s Body Butter Blend. It’s made with a foundation of Shea Butter and Coconut oil but added in are more natural oils and a scent. My family no longer uses lotion but uses B3. We use it on our face, skin and hair. I am also amazed at how much it has sold since February once I started marketing this product! God has truly blown me away! I must say, the summer time hurt me a little because this 100 degree weather melts my product in the mail. I need a way to figure this out! Any suggestions?

4) Revlon Color Stay, Caramel
Sold at Walmart for $9.99

Now this is something I CAN live without but it’s something I discovered that I have added as truly a staple in my beauty regimen (when I do wear make-up). For the most part, I wear make up once a week, when I go to church. Now since I going to more events, I like to spruce up the face and wanted a makeup that was inexpensive and gave great coverage. I was watching SimplYounique on YouTube and her face is ALWAYS BEAT! She did a make-up tutorial and she uses this product! I tried it and I loved the coverage. It was so light, it felt like I didn’t have anything on. It also matched so perfectly that it looked like I didn’t have make-up on but instead a flawless face! And the fact that it was only $9.99 was the biggest plus. At that price and the amount I use, I am still on my first bottle and I bought this in May! I apply it with an E.L.F foundation brush ($1 at Target) and it goes on so smooth! This is my new foundation.

5) My EVO
Many carriers offer Driod Phones, I happen to be with Sprint.

Ok! I have never had an iPhone, iPad, or iPod so I can’t really miss what I have never had. I went from a PALM Centro to Blackberry to HTC Evo 3D. I love my phone. It does so much more than my blackberry ever did and like everyone else, I carry it everywhere. I love the speed, the apps, the picture quality although to be a blogger I really need to get a camera! But honestly, just like your purse – my phone is something that I have to carry every where I go! It’s how I stay connected. Now, if I only could log in to my Walgreen’s account and print these 1000 photos I have on here!

What about you? What are 5 things that you can’t live or rather not live without?

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