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5 BIG First for Me During the Mom 2.0 Conference

5 BIG First for Me During the Mom 2.0 Conference

How many times have you heard great things about “something” “anything” only to experience it for yourself and feel, well, “Meh!”?

I went into the Mom 2.0 Summit with no expectations because, I’ve always heard “This is my favorite conference!” Secretly, I wanted this to be my experience. 

There are so many first for me on this trip:

1 My fist time speaking at this conference. It was weird & entertaining that my first time experiencing this conference, I had to actually take the stage. I presented with my blogging buddies, The Fab Five. Our topic was Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: The Power of Collaboration. 

Although we have worked together for about 2 years, it was our first time presenting what we do together as a group. Our feedback from the audience was amazing, both during and after the presentation.

The biggest thing that seemed to resonate with people, is that we as a group (the fab five), are not in competition with each other. We understand that we all win together. 

2 My first time staying at the Ritz Carlton. It was fancy! I’ve heard great things about this hotel and even have friends that say it’s their favorite place to stay. It didn’t disappoint.

The hotel grounds were something out a beverly hills movie, and the staff made me feel like royalty every day. The food was healthy. Hahaha!! I say that because, for lunch and dinner we had a huge variety, but you didn’t feel guilty afterwards for over indulging.

I was extremely happy with my view of the palm trees and pool. 

3 My first time at the Mom 2.0. Summit! The conference exceeded my expectations for one reason, customer service. I could have easily been at a Chick-fil-a (who is known for supreme customer service) conference because after experience with hotel staff, conference staff, attendees, brands and sponsors – it seemed like they were all giving me that “My pleasure!” energy. (CFA is known for saying, My pleasure instead of you’re welcome).

You hear stories about conferences being clicky. I get it, people like to sit with their friends. It’s comfortable to be around your crew or just people you know.

However, so many people were open to meeting new people and getting to know us (The Fab Five). I met one blogger from Canada that I plan on going to beach with the next time she is in Florida! 

4. Brands! Brands! & Sponsors!

I’ve been to a few blog conferences before. Just a few. However, the brands/sponsors at this conference rolled out the red carpet for us. What does that mean? They made sure you knew they were there. 

Dove’s theme for the conference was #RealBeauty (go online and check out that hashtag). They had a Dove Suite that had examples how & why Dove is good for your skin. They even had doctors there explaining certain things! Also, inside the suite, they were doing hair with all Dove products.

I let this beauty doll me up for the IRIS Awards, Friday night. 

I enjoyed that the suites were so interactive. You didn’t just go past a table and someone gave you a 2-3 minute speech on what their brand does. We got to actually try new products out and learn about how they can make our lives easier.

Other major brands were:

  • Facebook – which allowed you to go LIVE from their suite. The showed us new features on the app in addition to giving us a glimpse into virtual reality.
  • Prudential – had a live version of Jeopardy! They also had a make-up artist freshening up our looks. 
  • Amazon – They had 4 sections that broke down toys, photos, tv, and home! I’m convinced Amazon want to rule the world.
  • Best Buy – in this suite, we experienced everything new in the modern home. Since 99% of the attendees were moms, it’s safe to say we all wanted to say in this suite. They even gifted us with a Google Home. 
  • Kia – They allowed you to test drive their cars around the city! 

5. My first Blog Awards (IRIS Awards) – I was able to get dolled up and walk the red carpet.

Two of the Fab Five were nominated (LaShawn at Everyday EyeCandy & Mimi at Unlikely Martha). I was able to support my friends. The awards ceremony had everything you could think of:

  • a celebrity host
  • the big screens that shared who was nominated
  • an amazing dinner
  • beautiful award statues! 

LaShawn won for best Instagram. Of course we were all smiles for her. She’s our resident Instagram guru! 

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I loved the conference. I just really loved being there. One reason for that is it was an amazing energy. 

Were you there? What did you think? 

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