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We Finally Got Our New Floors (Before and After Pics)

One thing we’ve hated since moving in our home were the floors. It was a mixture of tile and hardwood. It just didn’t flow well or look good (to us), so a couple of weeks ago we finally got the floors we wanted.

Our original colors were a cream tile (the same tile in most Florida homes). There were tiles at the front door, then it switched to brown hardwood. It just looked crazy to me. Then we had tile in every bathroom, the kitchen, pantry, and washroom. Our hardwoods were a basic brown that didn’t go well with our soft blueish gray walls. The hardwoods were in the office, living room and family room. 

All of the bedrooms have carpet. So you can see we have a lot going on over here. 

The new floor color is a medium gray hardwood with a subtle hint of blue. I love it. We covered every area where there was tile & hardwood so it could flow better. 

Tip: Do the floors before you move in if you can because it feels like we moved in and out all over again!!

Here are a few before pictures:

This is the kitchen into the family living area.

This is the office and living room.
This is the kitchen after they’ve removed all of the tile and started smoothing it out to lay the floors.

We love they way they turned out. It flows so much better and just gives our a house a new feel. 

Check out the quick video I did which give a better view of the before and after from my IG:

We purchased our floors at Best Laminate. They are nationwide. The floors are a premium vinyl plank that are durable and waterproof (hence why they are also in the bathroom). We had so many estimates done, but their prices were the best and we were happy with the quality. They did not install them. We hired a local company and they did a great job in 5 days. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the floors. 

Our next project is cabinets! We’re getting them painted within the next few weeks.

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