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Picture this, you ask your child to turn off the video game and get ready for church. He’s in his pajamas and obviously got up early Sunday morning to play. After about 15 minutes, you go make sure he’s dressed but get an unpleasant surprise. Your son has his pants down around his ankles and his shirt on but unbuttoned with a controller in his hand playing – FORTNITE! 

This was my experience with my son last Sunday morning. I asked him to clearly turn it off and get ready.

1. He did NOT turn it off. 

2. He wasn’t even fully dressed. When I asked him what should the consequences be for not listening, he said, “I should get a warning!” 

Why did he say that?

That made me even more upset before I headed off to church. I calmly said, “I’m warning you now, that you are not playing Fortnite for the rest of the day!”

Now my son isn’t addicted to the game. He only plays on the weekend, but like most teenagers, he would play all weekend if I let him. However, I’m not letting him.

On our way home, I asked him for 5 reasons he loves that game. He gave me 6 or 7 and agreed to share them with me on a FB Live Video that every same day. Getting on FB quickly before he changed his mind turned out to be a good idea.

I ask you to watch this video with your son or daughter and see if they agree with my son. I will share this, he says Fortnite is on their way out! He then offers what’s coming up next and the next hottest thing. I’m not sure if this is insider information here, but I’m just sayin’ – this generation Z knows their stuff. 

5 Reasons My Son Loves Fortnite and Why I Don’t!

*The video starts at 1:53, so you can skip right to there *

So, after watching the video do your children agree with my son? Did they have a few more reasons to add as to why the love Fortnite? When I posted my Sunday morning experience this on my personal fb page, so many moms spoke up about this game.

Check out the link below.

As a mom, how do you feel about your son/daughter and the love for FORNITE?

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