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I have finally tried something new. Hair clip-ins! Now I’ve been wanting to try hair extensions for the last few years, but the way my frugality is set up, I didn’t want to pay $200 for a bundle when you need at least two. So, one day while on youtube I was looking at hair videos and stumbled on a few clip-in videos. Then, I saw one that said HAIR CLIP-INS ON AMAZON! CHA-CHING! 

Of course, I then went down a rabbit hole of videos about this particular hair, Amazing Beauty Hair.

It’s 100% human hair and feels amazing. I bought 2 bundles, 14″ and 16″ Kinky Curly hair. I didn’t get to choose a color, but it came in natural black. Some girls expressed that the hair they received was brown and they had to dye it black. Those videos were about 1 year ago and maybe the company caught on because I was sent black hair. 

Check out my youtube video on my install and final look:

What Comes in the Amazing Beauty Bundle Box?

  • One bag of hair
  • One wide-tooth comb
  • 2 extra hair clips
  • Thank you and how to care for the hair form

How Did I Install the Hair?

After washing and conditioning the hair, I let it air dry overnight. I twisted my hair to the back and left out the sides and a section at the top. Adding the clip-ins was easy. They slide in and then just clamp them closed. If you want to reposition them, you need to undo the clamp and move them.

When I got the top is where your creativity comes in. You can create a center part look, side part or even an updo ponytail. The choice is yours. I had to spray my hair with water, leave-in and eco-styler gel for my hair to mimic the kinky curly texture. 

I learned that my hair is more Kinky than curly. If this brand offers a more kinky texture, I would be open to trying a couple of bundles of that at well. 

I am enjoying the hair and have changed it a couple of times now. I keep trying to think of new ways to style the front of my head. If you’ve never tried hair extensions, these affordable clips are a GREAT FIRST TRY. 

The prices vary from $49 and up depending on the length you choose. Remember, I bought a 14″ and 16″, those were slightly higher, but for two bundles I paid a total of $139. You can’t get one bundle for that amount, usually.

The hair is amazing wet or dry. It’s super soft and feels (& looks) so natural. The only thing I hate is that I found out so late about these extensions on Amazon. 

Order yours here:

Please let me know if you try them. I’d love to know your thoughts. 

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