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Takeo Spikes Presents Behind The Mask & His New Initiative

Takeo Spikes Presents Behind The Mask & His New Initiative

Guest Post by Kimberly Wright:
Recently, I covered an intriguing event for BernettaStyle.com with former NFL Linebacker Takeo
Spikes. Well, to say the least, it was a grand informative event just for the media. Takeo was very
down to earth and informal with us as he shared his new book Behind The Mask
(#BehindTheMaskBook ) and his new three-part initiative of Real Men Read (#RealMenReadBTM ).

As many of us remember, Takeo Spikes is a Georgia boy to his heart. Born in Augusta, GA and
raised in Sandersville, GA he shows no shame in sharing what drove him the most to become as
successful as he is. He gives all of the credit to what he watched on television growing up.

His goals were based strictly what he saw on tv.  However, his work ethic came from his parents, Lillie Spikes and Jimmie Spikes. Staying focused and true to himself, he became the best he could be and not only became a professional football, he also earned a Liberal Arts Bachelor degree from Auburn University and then a Masters from the University of Miami.

He is always moving toward new milestones and never believes he is finished accompanying his personal or professional goals. During our private gathering, he shared his new three-part initiative which includes his new career of professional photography, giving back to communities of lower income youth, and writing another book. Takeo is not shy when comes to living his dreams or sharing it with others. While embracing his current book, Behind The Mask, he is already working on his
second volume which will focus on running backs and will be released during the 2019 Super Bowl
here in Atlanta.

Behind the mask

Behind The Mask is loaded with Legends and Greatest with some of the most private coaches and players in the NFL. They each trusted Takeo to share their very personal stories. The forward was given by NFL Hall of Fame Player and Legendary Coach Dick Lebeau. 

Takeo 2018 – 2019 will be spent traveling throughout the United States partnering with non-profits
to help uplift communities one Title I child at a time through reading, giving back, and
encouraging them to be all they can be no matter what their challenge is.

Please follow him on social media via Instagram and Twitter. 

Kimberly Wright is a Mother, Publicist, Media Maven, Freelance & Contributing Writer, Publisher, and Editor. She is the author of Keystrokes By Kimberly a lifestyle website about travel,
entertainment, health, technology, and awareness. Kimberly Wright is the Owner, Publisher, and
Editor of two Macaroni Kid publications: Decatur and East Atlanta Macaroni Kid which focus on
family fun and community involvement and development in East Atlanta GA and Decatur GA.
Her work also appears regularly on South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine. Stay social with her on
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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