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Soft Butter Season has started! Mint Green Tea Shea Butter

Mint Green Tea Shea Butter_BernettaStyle
Mint Green Tea Shea Butter_BernettaStyle

I am very happy it’s Fall. Why? Because it’s Soft Butter season!

What is Soft Butter Season? It’s the time of year (October – May), that I can start selling & shipping Soft Butter around the world (wishful thinking) without it melting in the mailbox. Unfortunately, the Summer sun is the enemy of my product.

What’s new with Soft Butter | Bernetta Style?

  • The season I will only offer two sizes; 8oz & 16oz.
  • I will offer only 3 scents; Coco Mango, Vanilla Buttercream & the scent of the month.
  • I will be doing a scent of the month throughout Soft Butter Season, with the first scent being Mint Green Tea Shea Butter!!!
Mint green tea

To order Coco Mango, Vanilla Buttercream or Mint Green Tea visit my Esty page.

The Mint Green Tea Soft Butter is made with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Macha Powder, Vitamin E, chopped Mint leaves and Peppermint Oil

What is Soft Butter?

It’s an all natural handmade product. I make all soft butter products after you place your order. It can be used for a variety of things; hair, skin, face and more.

I get all types of testimonies of how and why people enjoy this product. I am excited to try something new with offering a scent of the month & if there is a cool scent you have in mind – email me.

Stay Soft &  Smell Sweet

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