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Last year, my husband and I went to a marriage event and the speaker shared a grateful exercise. It was super simple but made a major impact. 

We kept it up for a while, then like some people do – we fell off. I was reminded of the exercise when my husband and I were asked to speak to an engaged couple during their marriage counseling. We decided to start the exercise again in our own relationship and wanted to share it with you. 

Again, it’s super easy but very effective. (Check out the FB Live video below that explains how to do it and what it actually does in your marriage)

Grateful Exercise:

At the end of each day, share with your spouse 3 things that you are grateful for – that they actually did.

So, basically your spouse might say:

“I am grateful for you cooking my favorite meal!”
“I am grateful for you putting gas in my car without me asking!”
“I am grateful for you letting me sleep an extra 15 minutes and ironing my shirt.”

These are simple things, but being grateful for the small things shows your spouse that you paying attention. Which often leads to bigger things to be grateful for.

It also makes you look at yourself and you think, “How am I really treating my spouse?” Am I doing anything for them that they can be grateful for?

What do you think of the grateful exercise? Can you do it? Do you think it will be something you will try with your spouse?

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