Sunday, December 3, 2023

My Pinterest Fab Find Friday

My Pinterest Fab Find Friday


Today is Friday!! Let the weekend begin! Well today on BernettaStyle, I wanted to do something a little fun. I have been getting more into Pinterest because that website makes you just want a beautiful life!! The images and ideas on that website are just fab! So today I decided to pin a few fun or cool things I saw on the website this morning! You are able to click the link if you want to go to the pinterest page/website. Enjoy and let me know what you like.

Winter Coat: This Navy Blue Piece is Fab!! I can see myself in this!

Natural Hair
: I just like this shot. Her hair is FULL OF CURLS! Love it!

10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes Ideas: I posted this because, I need this. Thanksgiving is around the corner and my husband asked me to make a side and I have no idea what I want. And NOPE, I don’t cook the main dish. His parents are coming into town for that!!

Biker Stoller: First of all, I want a bike. I have wanted one for a few years now. I keep telling my husband, but my birthday and Christmas keeps passing me by without a BIKE!! I saw this and thought, OMG this would be perfect for me and Baby E to ride on the bike trail.

10 Daily Nutrients: You know I have to throw some health facts in here!! Eating Healthy is SMART Living!! For me, prevention is better than solution.

Chicken Bake Pasta: This stopped me in my tracks. This looks SO YUMMY! I am going to try it one day.

Quote: I will end this post with a quote. I enjoyed reading it because it reminds me that sometimes you have to step out on faith!

Happy Friday All!

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