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My Fresh Face Experience with The FanTisi Spa

I do not wear a lot of make-up, so skin care is very important to me. I was delighted to get an opportunity to visit FanTisi Spa (pronounced Fan-tasy) for a fresh face facial. I love a great facial but haven’t had one in months, so this was a welcomed experience.

The beautiful LaTisia Smith is the owner of FanTisi Spa, located in Atlanta (Buckhead), Georgia. When I walked in, I felt like this was “My Spa”. What I mean is; it’s cute, small, dainty and makes you feel like this environment was created just for me (and you too). It’s an adorable two room spa; a room for massages & a room for facials.

Tisi and I were able to talk about skin care. She gave me great information about the Do’s & Don’ts of how to treat our skin in between facials. Tisi also shared some natural moisturizing tips too!

How long as FanTisi been opened? I opened my doors on March 12th, 2014.

What made you passionate about skin care?  At one point I was actually going to a lot of doctors for my skin, I then noticed I can learn to treat myself. Originally, I was interested in makeup, but then fell in love with facials, skin and body treatments. My skin did a 360 when I started getting facials and professionally treating my skin. I now hate makeup. I also now work with a dermatologist where we send each other clients depending on their needs. Dermatologist work from the inside out, I work from the outside in.

Do facials aid in anti-aging? Yes, they definitely do. Especially if you do micros and peels, it really tightens and firms a lot. I have a facial I apply called the Wrinkle Lift.

What is a good age to start using anti-aging products? It depends on how you have taken care of you skin up to a certain point. Also, if you have tend to have dry skin you will see wrinkles earlier than someone who has oiler skin.

How can we prevent wrinkles? Use a night cream, eye cream, products that have glycolic acid, peels & microdermabrasion.

Does food matter? Yes, eat your fruit, veggies and water! Drink your water!

What’s a natural way to moisturize the skin? I tell my clients who have acne that want to use something natural to visit Whole Foods and buy an Aloe Leaf, cut it open and apply that to their face. You can apply it for day and/or night. It soaks up oil and its very antiseptic.

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How often does a person need a facial? It truly depends on your skin. Some people need to come every two weeks and some can come once a month. I tell all my clients to have a skin care regimen at home in-between visit too. The most important is to do cleaning and exfoliating twice a week. Invest in professional products because they actually last longer and have a better effect on the skin than store-bought brands. I have a goal to start my own skin care line soon.

What are something we should avoid doing to our skin? Please stop picking your face and busting pimples!

Do you recommend the Clarisonic Brush?  No, because people don’t clean it well. All the bacteria stays in the brissels of the brush, and you need a hospital grade cleaner to really clean the germs.  You actually need to clean it everyday, so if you use it daily – you are putting the germs right back on your face.

How as your business been growing? Social media & word of mouth has played a big part. I get a lot of interest from Instagram. I get people calling all the time from my Instagram post. It’s amazing.

I really enjoyed my experience with Tisi! She started me off by steaming my face which opened up my pores. She then examined my skin and told me what was going on. I am actually taking great care of my skin. It was followed up with cleaning those nasty blackheads! That’s the worst part of any facial, but I appreciated how she got them all out. I loved that she also examined the rest of my face for blackheads and just dirt pockets and cleaned that too. No one has ever did that before. Tisi applied a mask to my face, followed my a warm towel, and did a massage on my hands, arms, neck and upper back! Can you say, relaxing?

It was a pleasure to meet her and I wish all so much success. I will be back to the FanTisi Spa!

Visit FanTisi Spa at 375 Pharr Rd. Suite 205. Atlanta, GA 30305
Ph: 678.612.4575 Email:
Follow FanTisi on Social Media: Facebook & Instagram!

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