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Ross, $17

What is your favorite store? For me favorite represents great finds for a great price. And I have two, but this post is primarily about one > ROSS! I love going to ROSS. They always have what I need when I need it. If I am looking for a dress (I love a cute dress) for any event or a certain color, whatever I need… my first stop is always Ross. Now, I might stop at a few other places (remember I have another favorite!) but I find so many cute items at Ross for the prices I am so willing to pay. The dresses always look so much more expensive than what I paid for them AND everyones mouth always drops when I say Ross! I usually get the same response, “Ross! No! Ross! I gotta go there!” Or I get, “Ross! I love it too girl!” I really should send this post to Ross, because I would happily be the spoke person for that store. I have so many up north friends who do not have a Ross! They are just itching to get down south to go on a shopping experience with me! And for the record, I DO NOT LIKE TO SPEND ALOT OF MONEY on clothes. I just don’t. I love to get a GREAT FIND for a LOW PRICE. I understand what my low is might not be your low, but that’s the beauty of fashion. Also, it’s not about labels for me, but about taste because you can find a FAB FIND at the Goodwill!! So here are some of my FAB FINDS at Ross. The last one is from my other favorite store for a quick, cute, cheap (but good quality find) > TARGET! I also say cheap, because I only shop off the clearance rack when it comes to Target. “Why pay full price, if you wait a few weeks, everything always goes on sale!” My motto! Living Stylish, BernettaStyle

What about you? What is your place?

Ross, $24 but its Calvin Klein

Ross, $14

Ross, $19 (White Party)
Target $7, yep $7!

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