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I Shared My T1D Story at the Motivated Mom Retreat

I Shared My T1D Story at the Motivated Mom Retreat

My second time attending the Motivated Mom Retreat in Dallas was just as amazing as the first time. Maybe even more amazing!

The Motivated Mom Retreat created by LaToyia Dennis was held at the Omni in Irving, Texas from Friday through Sunday. All three days, we enjoyed relaxation, impartation, and restoration. I was even allowed to share my story on Sunday morning in the Momeries segment. 

Here are a few favorite highlights from The Motivated Mom Retreat:

Pajama Party

Friday night we were all given Bamboo pajamas (which feel amazing on my skin by the way) and had dinner while watching a documentary on entrepreneurship. After dinner, we had a karaoke party! Of course, I had to get up there and perform Mary J. Blige, Just Fine! 


I’ve done Yoga before, but never with friends. I’m glad my high school friend Julie who attended the retreat with me was able to enjoy trying something new. We got up early Saturday morning and did Yoga with the other attendees and found our zen. Julie mentioned she has never felt so good and when she gets back to Chicago she will start doing Yoga.

Fashion Show

I’m officially a Motivated Mom Model. I’m just joking, but Julie and I were selected to model for the fashion show during lunch. I loved my outfit so much, I bought it afterward. My outfit was from

Cocktails and Converse

Latoyia has a non-profit called a Chance to Learn. On Saturday night, her non-profit hosted a Fundraiser called Cocktails and Converse. How does it work? You were your cutest cocktail dress with your most fly converse. During the dinner, Dondre Whitfield, (The Cosby Show, Queen Sugar, and Black Love) was our keynote speaker.

He was amazing and dropped so many nuggets about relationships, parenting, and life. I actually got a chance to meet him afterward, he was such a sweetheart. I didn’t let him know he was my first celebrity crush though! He’s still so attractive. 

Paddle Board

Ok! So, I really wanted to do this activity but I thought they said paddle boating! We were all ready to get into the boat! When we arrived, we learned it was paddle boarding and honestly I was just nervous about falling in that water.

However, it was so fun watching the women who did get on the boards. If it was at the beach or a pool, I would have done it easily. 

  1. I had crochet hair in my head. 
  2. That canal water was GREEN from algae. So that was a NO.
  3. Two women did fall in.


In this segment, 6 moms were selected to share a personal story that has shaped who are they are now. These stories ranged from how it feels to not be able to be a mother to a mother who recently lost her teenage child.

When I tell you it was tears running down our faces, omg! What I will continue to reinforce, you will never know a person’s story or what’s behind their smile, frown or tears. Be kind.

Here’s my story. 

Overall my time in Dallas was so much fun. The retreat was a much-needed event for me. My friend Julie shared how much this experience changed her life. I’m crossing my fingers that Latoyia does this again next year. From what I experienced, Dallas is a beautiful city and so are the people.  

Btw, my dress was designed by Whitney Mero. I just love her handmade dresses. 

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