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Have you ever felt that you were at the right place at the right time to receive a blessing or even help someone? That’s how I felt a couple of weeks ago when my best friend called me about her daughter’s father. 

The phone rang while I was on my way to workout with my best friend screaming in my ear, “B! Guess what?! My daughter’s father had to be rushed to the hospital!” Of course, I was concerned and soon learned that he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. The other major issue was that he didn’t have health insurance. Unfortunately, he missed the cut off date to sign up on his job and he was out here just taking a risk. The doctors wanted him to start taking insulin immediately, but those out of pocket cost are HIGH! 

My best friend was just calling me to tell share his recent experience, but I immediately went into, how can I help mode. I told her about HealthPlan USA, and that it’s only $16 a month.

Although it’s not insurance, it helps with prescription cost (and much more). Being that he doesn’t have insurance, just having HealthPlan USA should help cut some prescription cost, diabetic supplies, and virtual doctor visits. Newly diagnosed, he had tons of questions. This plan would allow him to contact a doctor from the convenience of his home all for the same monthly price.

She was excited to pass the information along, because he would not be able to get insurance until January 2019. It was right on time information for him and his pockets! 

I used the plan when I needed to refill a prescription for my medicine last week. I go to Walgreens and there were no issues applying this card to my prescription. My son’s dentist can no longer see him since he’s now an official teen. I’m going to take him to our dentist and use HealthPlan USA for a better rate on his teeth cleaning. 

HealthPlan USA, a member-based organization, is a benefits program providing significant discounts on healthcare services. Services include telehealth, dental discounts, pharmaceutical discounts, vision discounts, and healthcare advocacy for only $16.48 a month per household.

Story Behind HealthPlan USA 

Asafu Thomas, the founder HealthPlan USA lost his job towards the end of the great recession in 2011. When that happened, he became one of the millions of American without health insurance. Sometimes you have those once in a lifetime experiences that make you look at life different. Going without health insurance sparked his interest in the healthcare industry. 

He combined his market research experience with his genuine passion for building businesses to solve socio-economic issues. The HealthPlan USA mission is to provide quality, affordable health care for underserved populations.

The Membership includes five major benefits to keep you well:

1. Virtual Doctor Visits – Access to top-rated physicians for $0 per visit.

2. Dental Discounts – Save 15%-50% per visit.

3. Vision Discounts – Save 10-60% on glasses, contacts, laser surgery, and exams.

4. Prescription Discounts – Save 10-85% on most prescriptions. Immediate family members are included (big plus for me and my family of 5)

5. Health Advocate™ Solutions – Get a dedicated specialist to help you navigate insurance and healthcare systems.

What is HealthPlan USA and What it is Not

HealthPlan USA is not an insurance, but a new way of taking charge of your healthcare cost. Being that I’m the discount queen, I love that a membership provides you discounts on a range of health-related services including prescription drugs, dental, vision and telehealth access.

Healthcare cost and care is a serious business. I hate that it cost so much just to take care of ourselves and see medical professionals. However, when there is a program that put us first at minimal cost but with maximum benefits – I pay attention and share with everyone that will listen. 

Check out HealthPlan USA by visiting their website at

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