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Who has the right to say what a Family looks like or how one should operate? No one.

Many years ago, the family dynamic was a dad, mom, 2-3 children and maybe a pet.

I wish we kept our pet!

If you fast forward to 2015, the family unit is made up of many different parts. The main component that makes a family a family is love.

The older I get or the more mature I get in my roll as a wife & mother – I am learning how important memories & experiences are. Life is a journey full of memories and we (my husband and I) want to make sure our children have plenty.

After watching these #HowWeFamily videos, it reminds me to cherish the family dynamic that we have created.

As this holiday season approaches, I am praying for more surprises on Christmas Day for everyone!

My grandmother has decided to visit, which is my present! She doesn’t let me cook (mainly because she won’t eat my cooking, but that’s another blog post!) which means meals for days!

So what does Gabrielle & I have in common when it comes to our family? Well, they are perfect just the way they are and we both wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out her video!

I am a BIG fan of Gabrielle Union! I watch her weekly on Being Mary Jane (on BET) and probably seen every movie she’s been in. I think she’s beautiful inside and out. I seriously started drinking more water when I heard she drinks a gallon a day. Have you seen her skin?

When she married Dwayne Wade, I couldn’t have been more happier. You literally see genuine real love in both of their eyes.

Gabrielle didn’t just marry Dwayne because he was a package deal (He has 2 sons and a nephew he is raising). They are now a blended family and in this video, she explains how becoming a stepmom has changed her life. Her family dynamic may be different from yours, but it’s just perfect!

Tylenol is celebrating families and how they come together for the holidays and enjoy each other.

The campaign #HowWeLove shows the story of 11 American Families and how they show their love towards one another at www.HowWeFamily.com with Gabrielle Union as the spokesperson.

So let me ask you one question How Do You Family? Check out this quick video!

See more videos, families and #HowWeFamily experiences on the official Tylenol Facebook page.

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