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Design Essentials | It Works On Little Girls Too

Design Essentials | It Works On Little Girls Too


At the Essence Festival this year, I was lucky enough to attend an event hosted by Design Essentials. Ledisi was the guest of honor along with a host of other celebs and entrepreneurs at this event.  At the Essence Festival, I had crochet braids in my hair. I left them in for a few more weeks, before I moved on to a short bob quick weave. After the quick weave, I had crochet braids twice so I hadn’t really had a chance to try my new products on a regular basis. The ones I did try – I do LOVE. Many times I get products and samples and do not feel a need to replace it when it’s gone. I can truly say after using Design Essentials constantly on my daughters hair and the leave-in conditioner on my hair, when I run out – I will buy these products.  In between hairstyles, I personally used the Instant Moisturizer. I was surprised how soft and manageable my hair was after 60 seconds. If you don’t have time for a deep condition but want your hair to feel moisturizered, then this is a good product for that. You can condition your hair while you shower and then rinse. You will feel the difference.  The other product I enjoy is the Leave In Avocado Conditioner. It smells so good, although smell is no indicator on how good a product is. It surely helps. I added this product to my water bottle, along with AMLA oil and spray it on my scalp every other day to keep my hair moisturizered in between styles. For my daughter, I also spray it on her hair before I style it. As you can see, her hair sucks up products!!!!!! Just sucks it up! My daughter’s hair, like many naturalistas – shrinks! Her hair is in the middle of her back when it’s flat ironed. On this particular day, she got it wet and this was the result of the air dry. In the image below, I used all three products to achieve her after style.  

Almond & Avocado Leave In– I can pour this directly into my hands and rub it in my hair or I use it coupled with water and oil in a spray bottle. I applied this to Bailee’s hair first (from the bottle), to loosen up her hair and get it more manageable.

 Honey– I love this stuff! It’s silk like GEL, but not sticky like it. You can actually use this to twist her hair too. For this style, I used it on her edges when I brushed her hair up into a ponytail. It doesn’t get hard or flake when it dries. It really has multiple uses. 

Twist & Set–  I sprayed this on Bailee’s hair and did the twist you see in her ponytail. The product is wet so you don’t need a lot. One or two pumps will saturate the hair enough. Then I rub it in and start to twist. I have used it on her hair for other twist outs, and when I take them out – they are very soft and defined. For this style, she wore a twisted bun. The prices on these products vary depending on where you purchase them. Take a look at the Design Essentials website to read about the products and how they will work on your hair. 

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