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WOW! We Now Have a Nail Polish Line!

We’re so excited to announce that Bailee, (my daughter) owner of Bailee’s Nail Box, now has her very own nail polish line. We’re starting out with two beautiful colors

  • Bailee Spark
  • Rose Shimmer

Take a look at this video as Bailee introduces her new polishes to everyone.

You can order her polishes at and use code BPOLISH for FREE SHIPPING on the Bailee Bundle (only the bundle). 

Bailee’s nail polishes are vegan and natural which means that my products are free from the 10 most common and most toxic chemicals found in commercial polishes.

Her nail polish does not contain and will (never contain) formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, Camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, phthalates, animal ingredients, and harsh fragrances.

Which color do you like the best? 


Taking Care of Ourselves in 2019 #SEFresh

This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve® in collaboration with The Network Niche, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Coming into a New Year is a perfect time to create goals in about every area of our lives. As spring approaches, raise your hand if you are making sure your year is filled with joy and goals being manifested in every area of your life:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Business
  • and much more!

Spring is a great time to start fresh. However, it can be overwhelming. When you sit back and take stock of everything you did the previous year and where you want to go, it’s a lot of reflection and planning that is needed. Things can get left out or put in the back burner. For me, I’m a wife, mom of three, employee and business owner. Life is busy. A good busy.

In addition to my wife, mom, and life duties – springtime adds more to the list. When I’m constantly on the go – I have to remember to still take care of myself.

Taking Care of Our Most Intimate Area

I learned at a young age that there are many responsibilities that come with being a woman. You have to take care of yourself from head to toe. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been able to try Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths & Cleansing Wash, which were created for our most intimate area. 

How many of you have one product for your face, and a different one for your body? What about one product for your hair and a special one for your feet?

Every area of my body deserves to be treated with tender loving care. Using Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths & Cleansing Wash have become my go-to product for my most intimate area.

Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths & Cleansing Washes are:

  • gynecologist tested
  • hypoallergenic
  • feature clinically Tested Safe Scents™

#SEFresh Summers Eve_BernettaStyle

A Few Ways to Use the Cleaning Cloths

It’s not hard to feel not-so-fresh sometimes after doing everyday things. These Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths have become my go-to and have a permanent space in my purse in case I need to grab one quickly. 

Here are a few ways I use them:

  • After the gym – I love working out. I do it 3 times a week, but I don’t always get to go directly home after working out. I also never take a shower at the gym. These Cleansing Cloths are perfect for a quick refresh!
  • During/After your period – when we are on our period and even directly afterward it’s not always the freshest odor around the external intimate area. The Cleansing Cloths remove odor-causing bacteria, giving you more confidence when you need it the most.
  • Toilet Paper Substitute – toilet paper gets the job done, but these Cleansing Cloths gets the job done BETTER! These cloths are moist and after you use them, you feel fresher longer. I’m like, “Where have these cloths been all of my life?” Oh, but don’t flush them! They’re not toilet friendly.

There will be circumstances that won’t always allow you time to take a shower but that less-than-fresh feeling doesn’t always wait. These Cleansing Cloths are small enough to fit in your bag or stashed in your bathroom. 

5 fresh benefits in 1:

  • Clinically Tested Safe Scents™
  • Removes odor-causing bacteria
  • pH-Balanced
  • Free from dyes and parabens
  • Gently cleanses & freshens

Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Wash

Like I mentioned above, sometimes we have different products for different things. The Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths & Cleansing Wash complement each other and were created and formulated for our most intimate areas. The fact that they are also soap-free is a plus.

It’s normal for women to use soap in our most intimate area, but that can also lead to irritation that we aren’t aware of.  When I use the Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Wash, I notice that it rinses off clean without any residue left on my skin.

Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Wash gives you 5 fresh benefits, in 1 great wash:

  • Clinically tested Safe Scents™
  • Removes odor-causing bacteria.
  • pH-Balanced
  • Rinses residue free.
  • Gently cleanses and freshens.

Feeling Fresh is Important All Year Round!

Of course, feeling fresh is important, but so are the products I use on my body. Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt confident using products tested by a gynecologist and make life a tad bit easier.

With 2019 already in full swing, I love the ease of use with these Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths and how they are individually packaged. I can take them anywhere and share them with friends & family. You know us girls share all of our beauty and wellness secrets. 

Have you ever used Summer’s Eve®? What was your experience?

Check out these hashtags below to see how other women are using and experience Summer’s Eve®. 

  • #SummersEve
  • #StayFresh
  • #StayConfident
  • #SEFresh

Follow Summer’s Eve on social media too &

Body Product Reviews

3 Reasons Why prAna Active Wear is Taking Over My Active Life


I love pretty dresses. I can’t help it. I love the way they flow, fit and make me feel like a lady. If you came over to my house, you will find a plethora of dresses in quite a few styles, colors and designs in my closet.  

Over the past year, I’ve found myself grabbing my workout clothes more often and honestly loving myself in these looks. As a busy mother of three children, my goal is to workout after I get them off to school. After I workout, it’s time to work on my business, start dinner, run errands, get the kids from school and then the evening activities start. I look up and it’s 8:30pm. There is no place for a pretty dress on most days! 

However, who says I still can’t be cute. 

prANA 1

I’m learning that as my life becomes more active with my children, my love for simple chic is growing. I find myself checking out cute leggings, yoga pants, and workout shirts with cute sayings. When I go workout, I should be doing my squats but I’m wondering where the lady next to me shops for her cute active wear! 

3 Reasons Why prAna Active Wear is Taking Over My Active Life

  1. Comfortable to wear all day. When you are married with children, I am sure your days are planned out. Through the week, I feel like it’s always go, go, go! Wearing activewear allows me to run to the post office, have lunch with a friend, meet with a teacher, grocery shop while feeling like “I’m dressed for the occasion.” each time.
  2. Perfect Mom Attire for Games – My children are getting older and more involved in sports. As a parent, I find myself being spread between school activities, sports practices, and sport games. A few times this season, I had to go from a track meet to a soccer game. It’s a good feeling to not worry about being uncomfortable in my clothes because of they way the fit or if they are appropriate for the setting. 
  3. Makes me want to work out – Most of my life, I’ve worked out at home. Recently I joined a gym and all of a sudden I care about my workout attire. I don’t want to wear my husbands basketball shorts or same black biker shorts anymore. I want to wear something that actually fits and makes me feel good. 


Why prAna is my new Activewear: From Workout to Chill-out

The older I get, the more conscious I am about the brands I support and why. I learned about prAna’s mission to inspire healthy, active and free spirited living. Honestly, I am trying to live all of these things. 

prAna creates versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day. They like to focus on the details, and aren’t afraid to go bold when it comes to colors and whimsical patterns. prAna loves to combine classic style with modern materials. If’ you’d like to try prAna, use my 15% off discount code: S17BLBK

What is your active wear made of?

Do you ever wonder where your clothes come from? What goes on behind the scenes? What about the people that make them? All prAna clothes are made from Hemp, Organic Cotton and recycled materials. Check out this video about the Wonder Crop!

prAna believes in Sustainability

They go out of their way to ensure the impact they make on the world. By using materials and partnering with companies and factories that adhere to strict guidelines for safety and efficacy, they’re able to make beautiful and functional products, in a way that we can all feel good about.


Why I like prAna? It’s simple

prAna wants you to feel and look good all day with a variety of styles to shop for:

prAna believes in giving back as well. Throughout the year they partner with several local and international charities to help make a difference. Whether it’s cleaning up beaches in Southern California or sending aid to areas affected by natural disasters, they continue to find ways to serve their community.


I love my new pink workout pants. They feel so good and fit perfectly. I also got this gray workout jacket that keeps me warm when I go workout early in the morning, but could easily go with a nice pair of jeans. 

Follow #myprAna on social media to see what other people are saying about their prAna experience and remember the 15% off discount code: S17BLBK

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The bLink Marketing Network and prAna. The opinions and text are all mine.


Body Motherhood Monday

VIDEO: Five Summer Exercises for Motivated Moms

This month we are discussing all things Summer & stay tuned because this season I will be sharing more health related post: Exercises, eating healthy, recipes, and more. 

I love the saying, “You get your summer body, in the winter!” But what about keeping your summer body tight! During the summer, we are making sure our children are entertained with activities, vacations, bbq’s, and just family fun.

We just can’t forget to take care of ourselves and maintain our summer body that we worked so hard for over the winter and spring months. There are so many types of exercises that can give great results, but the experts keep coming back to the basics.

If you are pressed for time, these core exercises will give you results and can cause you to break a sweat!

Check out my video of the TOP 5 SUMMER EXERCISES for MOMS:

Here are the top 5 exercises broken down and what they do for your body:


Picture 1 of 5

Improve your circulation, good for digestion, build muscles throughout your body, improve posture, burn fat, tone your whole leg and can't forget about that bootay!

Check out my collaboration with 4 other Fabulous Atlanta Bloggers as we all speak about Summer from a different perspective:

Kita: 5 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer
LaShawn: Top 5 Quick Summer Getaways from Atlanta
MJ: Top 5 Summer Eats and Treats in Atlanta
Mimi: Top 5 Summer Drinks

Product Reviews Skin Care

7 Fun Tips for Great Summer Skin


Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own. 

Who doesn’t look forward to summertime? The season brings vacations, more time with your girls (for the moms), backyard bbq’s, and wearing as less clothes as possible (because its hot). 

I’ve been living in Florida for 9 months now, so I moved here on the tail end of Summer. It was so hot those last few weeks of Summer, I can only imagine what the end of Spring and/or the beginning of Summer here has in store for me. 

Living in Florida has allowed me to be more carefree in my wardrobe choices. Its feels warm every single day here, I like to call it “Vacation weather”, which gives me more opportunities to wear my cute dresses and jumpers. Over the last year, I’ve been wearing more strapless outfits, jumpers and dresses with spaghetti straps. This Summer will be no different. However, since I’ve been showing more skin, I’ve also been taking better care of my skin. 

Bare Skin

This 4th of July, I’m looking forward to my brother-in-law’s Big Backyard Bash. He known for throwing parties that never end . . .

  • the food doesn’t end
  • the drinks don’t end
  • the fun doesn’t end … you get it

So, of course I want to be cute and carefree. In addition to wanting to look great, I want to feel great and that’s where my skincare come in. I believe that prevention is better than solution, so preparing my summertime skin in the springtime (& Winter too) is very important. 

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant

Here are some fun tips you can start doing today to get & maintain your summertime skin.

7 Fun Tips for Great Summer Skin:

  1. Take a cold shower. Hot showers in the summertime dry out your skin. A cool shower after a hot sweaty day allows your skin to absorb moisture better. 
  2. Wear a wide hat. A baseball cap won’t protect your face as the sun comes from all angles. A big floppy hat is fashionable as well as full coverage.
  3. Eat your melons. Cantaloupe is the melon of choice for beautiful summer skin. I’ve heard this sweet delicious fruit is rich in antioxidants and delivers a unique hydration to the skin, resulting in a radiant complexion. Fruits likes watermelon in the summer months can actually boost your SPF by several factors.
  4. Go Natural. Make-up can clog our pores and feel heavy. It’s hot enough (at least here in FL) without anything extra weighing you down. This Summer, let your natural skin show. Add your favorite moisturizer and go!
  5. Keep skin hydrated. You can never have enough water. Well, I guess you can but most people don’t drink enough. What you put in your body (or don’t) shows on the outside. Drinking enough water for your body will show with a healthy glow on the outside. 
  6. Sun screen is a must. I apply sunscreen all year long, but in the summer time when the sun is out the most – you can never have on too much. It’s best to apply it to your entire body before you get dressed. Bathing suits don’t always protect those covered up areas.
  7. Moisturize. Our skin needs moisture and I enjoy Vaseline Cocoa Radiant from Walmart. It’s 100% pure cocoa and Shea butters, along with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, all in one bottle.

Summertime allows us the opportunity to bare our natural beauty. It could be in a bathing suit that we worked so hard at the gym to rock. It could be an amazing dress we want to wear to a graduation or friends wedding. No matter the occasion, I want my skin to look just as beautiful as whatever it is I am wearing. 

I’ve been saying for years that I want to age gracefully and that just isn’t my face. I need to take care of my body the same way and that means making sure the products I use give me the desired results. 

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant from Walmart really makes my skin soft and nurtured. I usually take my showers at night, so I apply my lotion soon after. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is still just so soft to touch.

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant

I didn’t need to reapply it because my skin was still so moisturized. I’m confident in whatever I choose to wear that day, that my skin will look great in it.

Allow Vaseline Cocoa Radiant to be your summertime accessory.

Try it for yourselfHere are two great offers to take advantage of:

  • 5/14 through 6/11 FSI (coupon in newspaper) – $2 off Core (includes Cocoa Radiant) 
  • 5/17 – 6/14 Ibotta Offer: Redeem $1.25 off purchase of 20.3 oz only

Over the years, I’ve always used the Vaseline brand, along with my family. I love that Vaseline Cocoa Radiant has cocoa and Shea butter. Two great ingredients that are good for your skin with added benefits. 

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant

Use the Walmart’s Saving Catcher after they buy Vaseline, to ensure they’re getting the best price.


Beauty Skin Care

9 Products I Love to Use on My 40 Year Old Skin

We are all going to age. It’s life. It’s going to happen. 

We can’t control time, but we can control how our skin ages over time. 

I started taking care of skin when I was 15 year old. My first beauty product was Noxzema. I eventually stopped using it when I learned that it also bleaches your skin (definitely was not trying to do that). At such a young age, my beauty staple was Dove soap until about 7 years ago – I fell in love with African Black soap. 

One of my favorite saying is, “Prevention is better than solution.” This statement is true in so many areas of life. Let’s apply it to skincare today. My goal has always been to age gracefully. I love that people can’t guess my age or guess lower than what I actually am. 

I understand that the compliments I get on my skin comes from years of “prevention”. Years of treating my skin with care. Now that I am 40, I am turning it up a notch and sharing with you some of the things I use on my skin. 

Fresh Face Numbered

  1. FACE: African Black Soap – African soap is traditionally made by harvesting and sun-drying palm leaves, cocoa pods and the bark from shea and plantain trees. This material is then roasted in a kettle at a constant temperature and mixed with oils, such as coconut and palm oil. The soap then cures for two weeks before it’s ready to use.
    1. Protects Against Aging
    2. Improves Skin Tone
    3. Fades Skin Discolorations
    4. It’s an Effective Exfoliant
    5. Has Deep Cleansing Action
  2. FACE: Mask – Freeman® Beauty is proof that beauty can be fun, fresh, frugal and flirty! I like to keep my coins, so this product gives you variety & quality for less. They have over 75 products with sensational facial mask sachets and sophisticated anti-aging formulas. They have you covered! 
  3. FACE: Indian Healing Clay is called the world’s most powerful facial. It’s gives deep cleans your pores, 100%natural calcium bentonite clay and doesn’t contain additives, fragrances, or animal products. Once or twice a week with is product is fine. Bonus: you can it on your hair too! 
  4. FACE: Clarisonic is a powerful facial brush. So powerful 1 – 2 times a week should be fine for facial cleansing. This removes dirt, oil and makeup 6x better than hands alone with this gentle, one or two speed cleansing brush. 96% of women experienced smoother, softer and healthier looking skin. I can say, I see and feel a difference as well. 
  5. EYES: DEJ Eye Cream was introduced to me by an esthetician. I’ve been using it for almost 2 months. I used another eye cream before this that also worked. Revision Skincare D·E·J Eye Cream is a powerful moisturizing treatment that helps to intensely nourish the skin around the eye, minimizing signs of aging.Made with peptides, goji fruit extract and vitamin C, this soothing cream works to improve the appearance of fine lines, repair photo damage and boost collagen and elasticity for a firmer, more energized appearance. Unlike many eye creams, D·E·J Eye Cream may be applied to both the upper and lower lids to address sagging and help you achieve optimal results. Fresh Face 2
  6. EYES: Collagen Eye Zone  Enriched with Collagen, Vitamin E, Green Tea extract and Tropical Fruits. It provides intensive hydration to your eyes and diminishes the signs of aging. It helps reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, shadows and uneven skin tones under eyes. You can use these all the time. 60 come in a pack. 
  7. SKIN: Retinol & Serum – Last year I started using a facial serum and small dosage of retinol. The both do different things. Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum, This dual-chamber serum features two active formulas that work synergistically to maintain the skin’s youthful look and feel. The first chamber features the TNS recovery complex, a blend of proteins, antioxidants and amino acids that repairs damage, reduces inflammation and improves visible signs of aging. The second chamber features the APS Corrective Complex, a mixture of multiple anti-aging ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides and more.These two formulas regenerate the skin by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, strengthening the skin’s regenerative abilities, brightening age spots and fighting environmental damage. The complexion becomes youthful in both tone and texture, as well as brilliantly radiant and healthy-looking.  Skin Medica Retinol Complex .25  This retinol, peptide, and antioxidant formula works to improve the visible signs of aging including reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving over all tone, texture, and appearance. This formula with 0.25% retinol is designed to minimize irritation or for those who are new to retinol.
  8. SKINTinted Moisturizer and Concealer. I try my best not to wear foundation unless its a very special occasion. I like to look as natural as possible but with a small enhancement. That is what NARS Tinted Moisturizer gives me. I learned how to actually use this moisturizer & concealer at a Sephora. It’s a bit pricey but a little goes a long way with great coverage. 
  9. FACE/BODY – Bernetta Style Soft Butter – I use my own special formula for my moisturizer. I’ve been making soft butter for almost 8 years. My soft butter makes my skin soft, smell good and because I know all of the ingredients – I know what I am putting on my face. 
  10. BONUS – SOUR CREAM FACE MASK – This remains one of my favorite mask because it’s inexpensive, I usually always have it in my house and it works! Benefits of a Sour Cream Facial:
  • Active Ingredient is Lactic Acid – which naturally removes the dead skin to promote new skin cell generation, even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Helps skin retain moisture.
  • It’s a natural exfoliator and boost the production of collagen (which forms connective tissue that supports the skin.)

You can start great skincare at any age. The trick is consistency. Here’s a picture of me without any make up. A fresh washed face. 

Fresh Face 1

Also, do NOT forget about SUNSCREEN! It’s just as important if not more important than anything I mentioned above. What are some of your favorite facial products?

They say 40 is the new 20 or 30…. 40 for me is just 40. I just want to be the best 40 year old I can be. Period.

This post contains affiliate links.


The Hubby & I are Challengers in the Countdown to Change with YouFit

YOu fit

For the first time ever, my husband and I joined a gym. For years, we worked out at home. Sometimes together, many times alone. The together workouts were fun, except when he became Mr. Know-it-all, with all the added workout advice. Men!

What has always been great is that we both love to be healthy and enjoy the benefits & results that exercise can give you.

Read: 5 Simple Reasons I Joined a Gym

I joined YouFit earlier this month & with my Lime Membership, I get to bring my husband with me every time I come. Recently, in addition to working out to stay fit – we joined the YouFit Countdown to Change Challenge – 60 Days to a Slimmer, Healthier You.

YOu fit

Resources for Challengers:

  • Complimentary weekly bootcamp classes by the YouCoach Personal Training team.
  • YouCoach coaches available for consultation
  • Emails with exercise tips, healthy suggestions and exclusive challenge content.

It’s a national campaign & open to any YouFit member. Check out the Grand Prize:

  • 1st place: $5,000 each (one male, one female)
  • 2nd place: $3,000 each (one male, one female)
  • 3rd place: $1,000 each (one male, one female)YouFit_BernettaStyle

So, how do you win? Members with the highest % of weight loss wins!

This is the thing, my goal is to gain 5-7 pounds of muscle. So, I am wondering can I win? The great thing is, there are also individual winners at each gym. This means that I can still win at my local gym & my body will still be transformed so, it’s a win-win!

This past Friday, my husband and I weighted in. We do our midway check-in the 3rd week in October & final check in November 21st. Check back with me as we go hard in this challenge the next 2 months.

Funny story (not for me):

Friday after the weigh in, we stayed and worked out. I did some legs lifts with weights & had did a similar exercise the day before in a body sculpting class.

Well, Friday night we went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and walked, walked & did more walking. My legs started to hurt towards the end of the night and I felt a leg cramp coming on.

What was different, is that the tingly feeling was coming from the front of my leg.

Disney Magic Kingdom_YouFIt_BernettaStyle

Shortly after we got in our vehicle, I got a leg cramp in the FRONT of both of my legs at the same time. Talk about SCREAMING FOR HELP!! I had never experienced such pain! I told my husband to take me to the hospital.

He didn’t. He kept driving and said, “Drink some water now & when we get home, drink a spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar!” Uuugggh MEN! He did rub my legs later.

My Lesson: STRETCH GOOD & don’t walk at Disney after doing left lifts two days in a row!

YouFit Countdown to Change

Take a look at YouFit and see if you live near one. It’s a great gym with affordable plans and NO CONTRACT. That’s what sold me! If you’re already in the challenge or would like to see how others are participating, follow the #YFCountdown on social media.

Body Motivation

5 Simple Reasons I Finally Joined a Gym


I still can’t believe I joined a gym. It’s something I never planned to do because I am so pro, “I can work out at home!”

4 reasons why I loved working out at home was because:

  • Save time (driving back and forth)
  • Save $$ (contracts are expensive and I don’t desire to be locked into to anything)
  • Youtube (there are so many workout videos for me to choose from already)
  • Self-motivated (I don’t need to workout around people to get the job done).

Well, why I still believe all those things to be true – I had a change of heart and a good conversation with a friend. The best point they made was that I will be able to do more for my body in less time if I go to a gym because of the equipment. I can only do so much with my dumb bell set!

The thing is, we have a full body workout system. In our basement, it was all set up and looked a like a real gym. Since the move, it’s still not set up and I can’t even find my dumb bells!

Turning 40 Soon . . .

I will be the big 4.0. at the beginning of the year & I’m celebrating this event with my best friend, Aseelah. Earlier this year, I worked out with a trainer from Jan – May, 3 days a week for 45 minutes.

I loved every minute of it.

My trainer motivated me beyond my own self motivation. He pushed me & educated me on different techniques, that I still do without him.

When I stopped working out with him, I worked out alone for a good month. Then the reality of the move stepped in and I stopped. Then, my bff started working out with her trainer 6 days a week.

best friends_BernettaStyle

We are 3 days apart and celebrating our 40th birthday together on a cruise to Mexico! And although we will be in bringing not only 2017 together, we are also turning 40 together.

We both want to look great and secretly (well it’s not a secret) better than the other – in terms of body.

We go hard in our competition & stay updating each other! Right now, she’s winning!

So, I joined a gym.


I joined YouFit. Let me tell you why:

  1. Distance. It’s only 4 miles from my home.
  2. Price. It’s $10 a month! You won’t get a gym membership any lower.
  3. No contract. That’s right, it’s $10 a month with NO CONTRACT. Cancel anytime.
  4. Upgrades. If you upgrade to $19.99 a month, you get a few great perks. One perk being unlimited guest, which means my husband can come workout with me. Also, you get access to their other gyms. Their other gym has some great classes I’ve love to take.
  5. Equipment & Classes. They have way more machines than I do & I can take classes like Zumba, Insanity, Kickboxing, etc.


So, today was my first day working out at YouFit and I enjoyed it. At first, I felt like a fish out of water – then I channelled my former trainer, Prince. I heard him saying,”Come on, B! Come on!” And I would pick that weight up and do the perfect squat.

My plan also comes with a personal trainer, so I will be meeting with him on Friday. He will spend 1 hour with me going over body goals, etc. etc.

I will share a fun fact with you. There was a time when I wanted to teach Zumba! I wanted to be certified and teach classes. 

So, although I have always been anti-gym membership, people change. The deal was too good not to take advantage of & I missed working out. It was like that friend that you never see, but when you do – you pick up right where you left off.

New city, new experiences! Do you have a gym membership? Do you use it?


Skin Care W.I.F.E

[VIDEO] Umm, I Had a Work Done on My Face | Artisan Plastic Surgery Review

silk peel

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency; however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


Have you honestly ever thought of having plastic surgery? If money was no object and you could nip or tuck what you wanted, would you still do it?

I’ve had three children and although, I’ve worked hard to get my body where it is today, I would still nip, tuck & lift if I had the opportunity.

Recently, the opportunity presented itself. I was given a chance to experience the open house at Artisan Plastic Surgery in Atlanta who specialize in Lasers, breast surgery, body contouring & facial procedures.

Everywhere society_artisan plastic surgery

I was given a plethora of options & procedures to try and I really wanted a tummy tuck or breast lift. Remember, I have three breastfed children.

My husband, in attempts to keep my self esteem high said, “Babe, please don’t go under the knife, you look great! I promise you do.”

I decided to honor his request, for now, and stayed in the facial area. I love getting facials at home or professional, but I’ve never had an official facial procedure outside of the mask.

Over the last year or so, I had lost alot of weight and gained it back by eating more protein and training. Although, when I looked in the mirror I saw something different.

I saw darkness under my eyes and a hollowness. I wasn’t sure if it was age or due to weight loss, but either way I saw a difference.

No one ever commented on my face, but I look at myself daily and noticed the shift. My goal is to age gracefully & after consulting with the Doctors at Artisan Plastic Surgery, I decided to get a series (3) of Silk Peels and 1 session of Restylane® Filler under my eyes!!


Yes, I didn’t go under the knife, but I went under the needle!

I got an injection! A filler.

What is Restylane®?

Restylane is a dermal filler used to restore volume and fullness to moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds. Restylane® is a non-animal-based hyaluronic acid that exists naturally in the human body, thus eliminating allergic reactions. The treatment is simple and convenient, and it can be administered without pretesting. Best of all, the results are almost instantaneous. Restylane® results are long-lasting, giving skin a more youthful appearance for six months or longer. Source

What is the SilkPeel Dermal Infusion?

The SilkPeel treatment exfoliates and withdraws toxins while infusing your skin with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. SilkPeel dramatically diminishes fine lines and wrinkles; it restores resilience and firmness; and it improves texture and tone. Your skin will keep improving over time. A series of treatments is most effective. Source

My Process

The day of my first SilkPeel and Restylane injection, I was a ball of nerves. I did research online & looked through hundreds of before and after shots.

When I arrived, I did the SilkPeel first. I undressed from the chest down, and she then started the process of cleaning my skin. After my skin was cleaned, she started the machine and proceeded to run it over my face.

It felt like a cat licking you.

She went over my face & neck area twice before giving me a mask, massage and light hydrating peel.

She then showed me the dish that collected my dead skin from the actual SilkPeel. Wow is all I could say. I am scheduled for two more sessions before the end of the summer.

The prep for the Restylane was a little different. The area under my eyes were numbed for about 10 minutes so I couldn’t feel the needle injection. She then rubbed my cheek with an ice pack and then injected the Restylane. It was a small pinch, followed by her massaging the Restylane under my eye and positioning it correctly. This whole procedure took about 20 minutes.

No Down Time for Me

Bruising is 50/50. It’s hard to say who will bruise or not, but most people swell the next day after the injection. I actually bruised a tad bit under my left eye for a few days, but nothing that was majorly noticeable. I iced my face the first day afterward and had a follow up appt. one week later.

silk peel_artisan plastic surgery

Who is a good candidate for facial fillers?

Facial fillers are particular effective in smoothing delicate-to deep frown and smile lines, reducing the creases at the corners of the eyes and around the lips, and correcting scars.

What are some of other facial peels Artisan Plastic Surgery offers?

  • Illuminize Peel
  • Vitalize Peel
  • Rejuvenate Peel
  • Purity Peel
  • Benefit Peel
  • Sensi Peel
  • Mini Melange Peel
  • Vi Peel
  • The Timeless Peel
  • Deep Sea Peel
  • Epidermal Leveling

Even more body procedures:

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Thigh/Buttock Lift
  • Body Lift
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Asymmetry

My Overall Feeling About My Procedures

I am at peace with my decision. I’ve had 2 silk peels with one more to go later this month. I honestly thought my filler shot would make a MAJOR difference under my eyes, but it didn’t. It is puffed up, more than it was and I am fine with that. It’s supposed to last about 1 year.

In addition to the two procedures, I’ve also started using a few great products they carry at Artisan by SkinMedica.

TNS Essential Serum

  1. Eye cream – Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes and improves skin tone and texture.
  2. Essential serum – All-in-one skin rejuvenating treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture.
  3. Retinol Complex .25– Renews skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

I believe prevention is better than solution and by taking care of my skin before there is a major problem or difference, I’m doing just that. Besides aging gracefully, I don’t desire to always wear a full face of make up too. I want to really look nice when I say, “I woke up like this!”

no make up

No make up. Only moisturizer. 

If you are in the Atlanta area, please consider going to get a consultation. These doctors are honest, genuine and have used many of the products/procedures you may interested in.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be your best, with a little help!

5670 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Suite 820
Atlanta, GA 30342

Body Motherhood

5 Reasons Life Time Fitness Could Be Your Family’s Gym

Lifetime Fitness

I’ve never belonged to a gym before! I recently got my first trainer in January and I love it, even though I make him upset because I stop in the middle of my squats sometimes!

My trainer owns a fitness studio and it gets the job done for my husband and I. However, when I start thinking about my entire family working out, I need a little more to offer.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Life Time Fitness. I was invited to experience their gym and to tour the facility. I accepted the invitation without knowing that I would leave and still be talking about this gym days later.

Lifetime Fitness

Here are 5 reasons, Life Time Fitness Could be My Family Gym:

1. The facility is huge. My husband has never been in one but saw a location and couldn’t get over how big it was just from the outside. I explained that it’s massive. They have left no stone unturned when it comes to fitness, relaxation, recreation, family & fun. When you have a facility this big, it’s a given that you can spend hours there because it’s always something to do.

lifetime fitness

2. Kids can Have a Physical Trainer. Yes, you read that right! If you are a member, your children can work with a physical trainer to meet goals, stay in shape, or get in shape. A trainer can also perfect what we think we already know; form, quantity & types of exercise for our bodies. Children will be able to start young, understanding the benefit of exercise while learning how to do them correctly.

3. Facials, Massages & a Blow Dry. I was so lucky last week, because I got a 30 minute facial that left me feeling soft, clear, and rejuvenated. The esthetician walked me through the facial steps and explained what’s going on with my skin. Thankfully, she says I am doing all the right things. Also, if you get a spa service at Lifetime Fitness you can use the entire facility for free that day! You don’t have to be a member.

Lifetime Fitness

4. Clean Eating. The Life Time Fitness cafe cooks their food FRESH everyday. I love their food philosophy, “You’ll find only real, wholesome ingredients.” They offer wild caught fish, gluten free, smoothies & shakes, cage free eggs and more! The life cafe is free of:

  1. Artificial Colors
  2. Artificial Preservatives
  3. Artificial Sweeteners
  4. Trans Fats
  5. Bleached Flour

5. Variety of offerings. Life Time Fitness has so many programs that you could never be bored. I like that their programs cater to different types of lifestyles, so people aren’t left out.

  1. Cycle
  2. Basketball
  3. Training
  4. Yoga
  5. Run
  6. Swim
  7. Squash
  8. Group Fitness
  9. Pilates
  10. Lifetime Kids Program
  11. Weight loss
  12. My Health Score


I was able to experience Life Time Fitness in Alpharetta, GA which is honestly a tad bit too far for me to go work out daily. I learned that they have 5 locations in the GA:

  1. Alpharetta
  2. Johns Creek
  3. Peachtree Corners
  4. Sugarloaf
  5. Woodstock
  6. Atlanta

On my visit, I toured the facility and endured not one but two workout classes. The first class was a 25 minute (normally 60 minutes) class that included small weights, a bar and a ball. We didn’t move a lot (meaning a wide range) but somehow we still ended up sore! It’s a good sore.

We followed up with a 15 minute 3 circuit workout with a physical trainer. This workout had us sweating so hard, we felt we earned the massage that followed.

Lifetime Fitness

Life Time Fitness believes their members are family and work hard to make sure you feel that way. They meet with you when you join to make sure they can help you meet your fitness goals.

If you’re in Atlanta, please go check out a location. Life Time Fitness is nationwide, so check the website for a location in your city.

Beauty Skin Care

My Neutrogena Naturals Routine Challenge

“This post was sponsored by Neutrogena as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.”


Raise your hand if you take your facial wash product very serious? *both hands raised*

Actually, anything I apply to my face I take seriously. I like products that do what they say they are going to do, without all the harsh ingredients but I also understand that consistency is key.

I have a facial care routine, but in the last 2 weeks I substituted my normal facial soap & moisturizer with Neutrogena Naturals. I challenged myself to use nothing but these products on my face for two weeks.

One reason why I gladly accepted the challenge is because I love Neutrogena Products. They’ve always set a standard with their products when it comes to quality & price. I always feel like I am getting more than what I paid for when I use their products.

Over the years, I have enjoyed using more and more products with less and less ingredients! When I saw Neutrogena had a Naturals skin care line, I literally said, “Sign me up!”

My Neutrogena Natural Routine Challenge:

1. Wash your face twice a day. Personally, I wash my face in the morning & evening.  I love that fresh face look after a good morning cleanse. In the evening, you are able to wash away the days dirt, make up (if you wear it) & go to bed with a clean slate.

With the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser, it comes out of the tube crystal clear. It doesn’t suds up when you apply it on your face. It goes on smooth and I add water to stretch it out. It doesn’t feel heavy on my face and although it doesn’t suds, my face feels very clean when I rinse it off.  (Plus bubbles don’t mean clean anyway)

My face doesn’t feel dry afterwards either.


2. Moisturize immediately after you cleanse. Applying a moisturizer after cleansing seals in moisture and helps maintain a healthy skin barrier. A good moisturizer will create a protective barrier that prevents water from evaporating and drying out your face.

A little goes a long way with the Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer. It comes in a medium size tube, but a dime size is all you need. The coverage goes on smooth, and the smell is omg good. It’s a soft sweet smell, that gets me excited to apply it & for my husband to smell my face. I apply it to my face, neck and upper chest.

3. Make-up Removal: I mostly wear make up to church or for certain events. I also normally wash it off with my normal cleanser. I was excited to actually try a make-up removal wipe to test the product.

I tried the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes before I washed my face and it was filled with foundation & mascara. I was pleasantly surprised. The wipe was soft but sturdy. It was able to stretch and could easily handle me turning it 50 millions ways to use all the clean areas to catch all of my makeup.

**Cool point to add** I actually went to get a facial yesterday and the Esthetician said, “Whatever you are doing to your skin, don’t stop. It’s beautiful.”

How Serious is Neutrogena & Being Green?

Have you ever heard of a company having a “green website”? Me either! The Neutrogena Naturals website is brought to you by a Green Server, a self-sustainable, sun-fueled and wind-powered server that only uses renewable energy to keep their website running “off the grid.”

The Neutrogena Naturals folding cartons are made from 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled content. The recycled paperboard folding cartons use 70% less water in processing than virgin paperboard does.

Neutrogena Naturals

Natural & Honest!

Many companies boast that they are all natural when their ingredients surely show otherwise. I love that Neutrogena shares with it’s customers it’s 94% natural. They leverage natural plant-derived ingredients to provide true skin benefits and a wonderful aesthetic experience. The products contain bionutrients, extracted from natural ingredients, to holistically enhance the proper function of healthy skin.

Kristen Bell, Neutrogena Ambassador told, “I really like the Neutrogena Naturals line because there’s a minimal amount of ingredients. It’s really pure and natural. I live by the Purifying Facial Cleanser— I use it every single night. I use it either with my fingertips or a little wooden natural bristle brush, and then I use the Multivitamin Nourishing Moisturizer. And that’s pretty much it.”

I really have enjoyed this product and will now add this to my regular routine and one of my must have products. The prices are affordable too, so I don’t feel like I am breaking the bank at Target where these products can be purchased.

Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer $12.99/3.0oz
Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser $7.99
Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes $7.49 (25 count), $3.24 (7 count)

Follow Neutrogena on their social media channels:
Neutrogena FacebookTwitterInstagram

Event Recap Skin Care

iwi Fresh Green & White Party Recap & Skincare Heaven

“I want to age gracefully.”

This is a statement that I have repeated over and over again to my friends throughout the years. It’s still true.

We can’t stop time or the fact that we will get older or look older, but based on how we treat our bodies, we can control the speed at which that happens.

iwi_freshThis past Saturday I was invited to attend the 4th Anniversary party for iwi Fresh, a natural garden spa. I am always up for a cool event, but I was more excited because this place celebrates natural living and “aging gracefully” with ingredients right out of the garden. I couldn’t wait to learn more.

All the guest were supposed to wear green or white, and walked a green carpet when we arrived.

11412245_10205907207152862_8117300873590427391_nWho is iwi Fresh?

iwi Fresh is an organic garden spa: “We relax, we scrub, we massage, we cleanse, we cultivate your mind, body and soul. Fertilize your tomatoes (heart), pamper your carrots (vision) and strengthen your celery (bones). “

iwi_freshiwi Fresh is located in the Castleberry Hill art district of Downtown Atlanta. They offer garden fresh skincare products, made by hand. Their skincare chef, Yolanda Owens uses raw, fresh and organic ingredients for all types of skin.  Every week they have specials that are too good not to take advantage of:

  • 1/2 Off BFF Special
  • $25 Mani/Pedi combo
  • $25 Massage Wednesday
  • $45 Gentleman Jack Thursday
  • Fresh Saturday Mimosa
  • Yoga Thursday

Now What About Their Products?

iwi-freshI can’t give you every product on this post, but here are a few that caught my attention!

squash-it-out’face cleanser
real-grits’ face cleansing bar
‘mint-2-be’face cleansing bar
‘flax-grits-mato’ face scrub
asparagus-my-face’ mask
lettuce-face-it’face mist
14-carrot-glow’face cream
$36.50/4oz.  $18.50/1oz
$36.50/4oz.  $19.50/1oz
$36.50/4oz.  $17.50/1oz
$45.50/4oz.  $25.50/1oz


They have 14 different organic body scrubs made with flax-seeds, organic brown sugar, shea butter and coco butter with RAW Honey added.

iwi_freshNow … About Last Night …

For the past 4 years, iwi Fresh has served it’s community and they have returned the love with a night of celebrating!



iwi_freshHere I am with the iwi Fresh creator Yolanda OwensInspired by her grandmother who treated family ills with nutrition and self-made herbal remedies, Owens produced her own line of skincare products and organic beauty creams for herself and her friends. 

iwi_freshFun Fact:

Do you watch BET’s The Game & Being Mary Jane? Well, iwi Fresh served as Chardonay’s Salon and also the spa where Mary Jane went off to relax!

iwi_freshIt was good to catch up with my blogging boo Kim as well!!

I can honestly say, I will be making my way towards Atlanta to get a treatment and purchase that carrot moisturizer!

Have you ever heard of iwi Fresh? What products do you use?