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I am all for at home skin care treatments! I will usually try anything once (within reason), so when I heard that Tia Mowery beautiful skin secret was Green Tea Ice Cubes – I couldn’t resist.

Tia, formerly of Sister Sister & The Game, has bah-u-ti-ful skin! It’s flawless, no other words to describe it. When she had the reality show with her sister, I watched how well she treated her body and skin. She takes her health & skin very serious. It was motivational.

So, as I scrolled down Instragram one afternoon, I saw she shared an article on The Huffington Post that ask the question we all wanted to know, “What do you do to keep your skin looking great?’

She mentions that she uses green tea or orange juice ice cubes (but plain water ice cubes will be just fine). The key is to hydrate your skin and of course drink lots of water.

I made a few green tea ice cubes and tried it for myself. The process was easy, and it’s definitely something I can add to my beauty regimen:

Benefits of Green Tea Ice Cubes:

  • Anti-oxidants in skin faster
  • Help your skin glow
  • Caffeine will help reduce eye puffiness
  • Minimizes pores
  • Improves blood circulation

I honestly have to say, that this is one simple beauty regimen and I actually started to see small results after a few days. I think consistency is key when you are trying something new.

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Would you even consider trying ice cubes on your face?

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