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I love pretty dresses. I can’t help it. I love the way they flow, fit and make me feel like a lady. If you came over to my house, you will find a plethora of dresses in quite a few styles, colors and designs in my closet.  

Over the past year, I’ve found myself grabbing my workout clothes more often and honestly loving myself in these looks. As a busy mother of three children, my goal is to workout after I get them off to school. After I workout, it’s time to work on my business, start dinner, run errands, get the kids from school and then the evening activities start. I look up and it’s 8:30pm. There is no place for a pretty dress on most days! 

However, who says I still can’t be cute. 

I’m learning that as my life becomes more active with my children, my love for simple chic is growing. I find myself checking out cute leggings, yoga pants, and workout shirts with cute sayings. When I go workout, I should be doing my squats but I’m wondering where the lady next to me shops for her cute active wear! 

3 Reasons Why prAna Active Wear is Taking Over My Active Life

  1. Comfortable to wear all day. When you are married with children, I am sure your days are planned out. Through the week, I feel like it’s always go, go, go! Wearing activewear allows me to run to the post office, have lunch with a friend, meet with a teacher, grocery shop while feeling like “I’m dressed for the occasion.” each time.
  2. Perfect Mom Attire for Games – My children are getting older and more involved in sports. As a parent, I find myself being spread between school activities, sports practices, and sport games. A few times this season, I had to go from a track meet to a soccer game. It’s a good feeling to not worry about being uncomfortable in my clothes because of they way the fit or if they are appropriate for the setting. 
  3. Makes me want to work out – Most of my life, I’ve worked out at home. Recently I joined a gym and all of a sudden I care about my workout attire. I don’t want to wear my husbands basketball shorts or same black biker shorts anymore. I want to wear something that actually fits and makes me feel good. 

Why prAna is my new Activewear: From Workout to Chill-out

The older I get, the more conscious I am about the brands I support and why. I learned about prAna’s mission to inspire healthy, active and free spirited living. Honestly, I am trying to live all of these things. 

prAna creates versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day. They like to focus on the details, and aren’t afraid to go bold when it comes to colors and whimsical patterns. prAna loves to combine classic style with modern materials. If’ you’d like to try prAna, use my 15% off discount code: S17BLBK

What is your active wear made of?

Do you ever wonder where your clothes come from? What goes on behind the scenes? What about the people that make them? All prAna clothes are made from Hemp, Organic Cotton and recycled materials. Check out this video about the Wonder Crop!

prAna believes in Sustainability

They go out of their way to ensure the impact they make on the world. By using materials and partnering with companies and factories that adhere to strict guidelines for safety and efficacy, they’re able to make beautiful and functional products, in a way that we can all feel good about.

Why I like prAna? It’s simple

prAna wants you to feel and look good all day with a variety of styles to shop for:

prAna believes in giving back as well. Throughout the year they partner with several local and international charities to help make a difference. Whether it’s cleaning up beaches in Southern California or sending aid to areas affected by natural disasters, they continue to find ways to serve their community.

I love my new pink workout pants. They feel so good and fit perfectly. I also got this gray workout jacket that keeps me warm when I go workout early in the morning, but could easily go with a nice pair of jeans. 

Follow #myprAna on social media to see what other people are saying about their prAna experience and remember the 15% off discount code: S17BLBK

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The bLink Marketing Network and prAna. The opinions and text are all mine.

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