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3 Little Movie Lessons That Are Actually Huge!

3 Little Movie Lessons That Are Actually Huge!

When we first saw the previews, we (my children and I) knew we wanted to see the movie Little, starting Marsai Martin, Regina Hall, and Issa Rae. I was happy to be able to get tickets to screen it a few days early.

If you’ve seen the trailer,  you know that Little is about a take no prisoner boss who steps on everyone in her path. One day she says the wrong things to the wrong little girl and she puts a curse on her. The spell basically turns Jordan (Regina Hall & Marsai Martin) back into a 13-year-old girl. 

Just watching 13-year-old Jordan trying to navigate an adult world as a 13-year-old is hilarious. April (Issa Rae) is her assistant that basically helps her navigate through this strange time in her life. However, there are a few bumps in the road along the way. 

Here are three BIG lessons we learned from LITTLE:

Every Bully has a Reason “Why” they Bully.

Nobody loves a bully for obvious reasons. How many people take the time to see why he/she is actually well – bullying. Many times its deep-rooted issues that they can’t fix, so they take it out on other people. 

In the movie Little, the main character, Jordan, was bullied in middle school, so when she grew up she bullied people. She hurt people before they could hurt her again, and anything that remotely felt like niceness was considered weak.

Fear Can Paralyze You.

Fear is a big reason many people don’t do the things that they want to do. Even I have been crippled with fear. I’ve had to help people get over the fear and vice versa. The sad thing is fear is all in our minds. When we realize that we are more powerful then we give ourselves credit for, we can/will soar!

Little, shows us how Jordan’s personal fear allowed her to build a wall around her. This wall kept people out who wanted to love her and genuinely see her succeed. She looked around and learned she had no healthy relationships because of the fear of letting people get too close.

When You Get a Second Change Take it.

Not everyone gets a second chance at life. When the chance comes take it! Do you need to apologize to someone? Do you need to make something right? Or do you just need a good old do-over? 

Jordan got an unexpected chance to redo 13 again and her middle school years. This also happens to be the period that changed her life. This was her opportunity at a second chance. She almost let history repeat itself. 

Have you seen Little yet? My children LOVED it and can’t wait to see it again. I enjoyed looking over at them laughing with big smiles on their faces. I loved that they had parts they could relate to as tweens and teens, in addition to things I could relate to as an adult. 

There are a couple of sexual references and April (Issa Rae) is constantly telling men in the movie, “You can get it!” In addition to a brief comment about it being dried up “down there”. If you can get past those things, your tweens should be fine. 

If you’ve already seen this movie, I’d love you hear your thoughts! What did your children think? What was your favorite part? 

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