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At first I kept it to myself. I went about of month and decided to share it with my husband. January 2nd is my birthday, so it’s always the start of “My New Year!” I told him that year 2021 was going to be the year of “Me”. He initially looked at me and shook his head slowly in agreement, not 100% knowing what the year of “Me” was, but understood he somehow was about to give me his full support. 

I explained that at first, I wasn’t going to say anything. This was a journey I wanted to take by myself. I didn’t even tell my best friend. However, I decided to tell him because he was going to start to see a different me, a me trying new things, a me going new places, a me expressing new emotions and I didn’t want him stopping me or questioning me, and I wanted him to know where this was coming from. 

The Year of “Me”

The year of “Me” is about me getting to know me, loving on me, and doing what I personally need to do to get in the best “me” mental space FOR ME which leads to a great outward expression in my life. I started a journal in January and wrote (whenever I felt like it) what I was feeling or dealing with at that moment in time. I would never go and look back. The goal was to read it at the end of the year to see my growth and if anything has changed for me or do I see things in a new perspective. 

Over the year, I put myself first without neglecting my family or responsibilities. I just found time for me. And although I feel I honestly always took care of myself. This year, I wanted to take it up a notch in many areas.

This year, I went back to therapy. Unfortunately, because of COVID, my therapist held her sessions via computer. That was good and bad. Good for her, but bad for me if my family was home. I had to find space to talk freely. 

I poured more into my body and skin. Being intentional with my workouts and how I want to feel and look as a woman of a particular age. 

I read (audio included) many new books , then put practices into use. I traveled places I haven’t traveled and just enjoyed seeing the beauty that God created. More walks alone and talks with God, which allowed me to learn more about my personal power. Those walks and talks, showed me who I was and what I could actually handle and let go off. 


There are many more things that I could go on about what I did for “Me” this year, but I will spare you. In 2021 my word was Freedom. I didn’t realize until writing this post, that I actually feel FREE. When I choose Freedom, it was for a different reason. That reason was work/job related (which is still something I’m working towards). But this freedom I feel now it something totally unexpected and welcomed. Taking the time to get into “ME” gave me a new sense of Freedom (freedom from my past, freedom from who I used to be, freedom from standards I held myself to, freedom from mistakes that I held on too) and for that I’m grateful. 

Going into 2022, I’m going to continue the year of “Me” with a new word, FOCUSED. I like the new freedom that I have created for myself, but that brings me to somethings that I want to narrow down and focus even more on. Go deeper. And getting focused with a stronger intention will help me do that. 

I will leave you with this word. This is YOUR LIFE. Try your best to live it how you want it. Everyday you have is the youngest you will ever be, so stop waiting for later (if you can) to start something. START it now, even if it’s just a step towards the direction you want to go. Step. Jump. Walk. Just go in that direction. Believe in yourself more than anyone else and create the life YOU want to have. 

If you listen to Dani Faust podcast, Manifest it, Sis! she interviewed me and I briefly shared my Year of Me (fast forward to the last 3:45 second mark) 

Will you embark on the year of “You”? Using the Manifest Journal I created is a great tool as you go through your year. 

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