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I’m writing this on the last Sunday of the year. Can you believe 2019 is coming to an end? Do the years seem to fly by to you? Sometimes I forget everything that happened until I go through my pictures. That’s the truth. I do know that I’m grateful to be here – in this time and space, mentally and physically. God blessed me in 2019. Here is my 2019 Year in Review. Check out December!

January – my daughter was mentioned in a Blavity article 15 under 15: Young Black Creators to know and support. 

February – I got my DNA tested with African Ancestry … (results down below).


  • My dad died. I was NOT ready for this. I was NOT expecting this. My husband, children, and mother were very supportive. I honestly continued to do things (because you have to) but I had really checked out for a while (months). Meaning, I was in the room, but I wasn’t in the room.
  • I covered Disney Dreamers with Steve Harvey for the 3rd time at Disney World. 


  • Bailee and I held our first Nail Paint and Sip! It was a success!
  • I walked in my first Type 1 Diabetes walk with my husband and children. It was amazing. I didn’t know you could recruit people to support you and walk with you. I look forward to doing that in 2020.
  • My son acted in his first play, The Wizard of OZ. He played 3 roles and did great! 


  • I got my results from African Ancestry! I am from the Fulani tribe in Guinea Bissau! (OMG!)
  • Bailee won 2nd place at the Kidprenuer fest and made the front page of the Jacksonville paper.
  • I interviewed Iyanla Vanzant about her new skin line. 


  • I held my first Dream Chat Live at my house which led to me doing this 3 more times via invitation. It’s been an amazing experience. 
  • We attended Game Plan in Atlanta and completed the TSP Mastermind for Bailee’s Nail Box. We rejoined for my husband’s business. 


  • Friends and family tour! We traveled to see our friends and family and tried to fit as many as we could in 7 days! 


  • 3 year anniversary living in Florida – woosa!! That is a blog post all by itself. Stay tuned. 
  • Bailee and I spoke at USF about running a business and being the parent of a kidprenuer. 
  • Bailee and I were featured on a video show after Bailee’s Nail Box was featured on another video platform!
  • Speaking engagement for Goal Girls!


  • Bailee and Earl did their first radio interview in Tampa on WTMP 97.5 talking about things that teens and pre-teens deal with.
  • Celebrated 16 years of marriage
  • Speaking event – Dallas for the Motivated Mom Retreat & met my high school crush (Robert from the Cosby show!) *did you think it was someone else? 


  • Speaking event – ShiftCon in Atlanta – How to advocate for yourself
  • Won 5000 Miles on Spirit! (found out the catch – read the fine print!)
  • Speaking event – Tampa, FL Goal Girls – How to be an influencer. 


  • Speaking event – Sebring, FL Dream Chat LIve
  • Campaign with Denny’s
  • I started my swing trading/options course! (more on that in 2020 – please stay tuned)


  • An amazing month with so many happy moments! 
  • Our family auditioned for a game show – can’t share any details outside of that. 
  • ONE BIG THING! Our goal for 2019 was to pay off my student loan. This was our last debt! We got it down to half this year and I was happy about that. My husband still had a goal that he wanted to pay it off this year but my faith started to dwindle because of the amount. He kept saying anything is possible! Well, he had 3 huge closings this month and told me on 12/29 that we paying off my student loan on 12/30!! When we started paying it off it was 55K. My balance was 25k as of today! My STUDENT LOAN is NOW paid in FULL!!!!!! I’m officially debt-free! No car note, no medical bills, no credit cards, no NOTHING! We do have a mortgage but if you follow Dave Ramsey’s plan, that’s step 6. I’ve had student loans for 20 years!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus! Shout with me! 

God is Amazing

It was a good year. God blessed in a favorable way. There were also a lot of good things that happened that I didn’t mention.

The biggest loss of the year was my father. However, he was sick and suffering so I have peace knowing he is with God. I wish I was able to see him one more time before he passed. That is my biggest regret. But at least I did get to tell him I love him one last time.

There were also quite a few changes for me this year. I didn’t blog as much as I normally do. That’s funny to me because I changed the look and topics of my blog. I also started back doing Dream Chats every week on Tuesdays with guest and more youtube videos. 

2020 will be 10 years of blogging for me.

10 years!!!!!!!!! Will I continue to blog? yes and no. I will share this, I want to start a podcast in 2020. I want to do more talking and less writing, but I will post the podcast here. There have been some mental shifts and my interest has changed. One major thing is swing trading! I will get more in that later. 

There is definitely a change coming – stay tuned. I was going to write about a decade review,  but I will save that for the 10-year anniversary post. 


Thank you for visiting my site, reading my blog, commenting, sharing – just being there. I don’t take any of this for granted. My prayer is that 2019 was amazing for you. In 2020, may you have more great experiences than unfavorable days. I pray that your dreams come true and that you’re not afraid to take a risk for the things that you really desire. 

I will leave you with this, God is so real. He loves you. Talk to him, he will talk back. 

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