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I owned an expedition for 3+ years and recently sold it. It was an older model but it was great for my growing family and really came in handy when we had our third child. When I found out I would be reviewing a 2015 Platinum Expedition (Ford’s largest utility vehicle), I couldn’t wait to see the upgrades to this vehicle.


Have you ever been overwhelmed in a good way? That is what I experienced when I pulled up to my house and saw this 2015 Platinum Expedition in the driveway. My husband was home when the car was delivered and after spending a few hours with it, his exact words were, “Man! I am love! I miss our car! Babe, I need another Expedition!”


My daughter jumped in the car and said, “OMG Mom, please please please buy this car!” It honestly made me miss the space and crave the luxury this new car offered.

Here are my top 10 favorite features about the 2015 Platinum Expedition:

1. Retractable Step

2. Blind Spot Lights: The car gives you a signal when another car is in your blind spot. This really helped when I tried to shoulder check because the seats were very huge and hard for me to see over (that could have been my car seat too). The blind spot indicator gave me confidence to change lanes without worrying.

3. Air Controls in the back: The back seat passengers no longer have to be subject to the drivers air controls. With this Expedition, they have the power to set the temperature for what’s comfortable to them.

4. Air Conditioned Seats: OMG!! This was a first for me. I turned on these seats and started to feel air coming from the seat and my back. I just sat in amazement at how good that felt, and then I thought about all the times I could have used these seats over the last few years in HOTLANTA!

 Keith Wilson, Expedition marketing manager. “These are Ford’s more affluent customers who won’t compromise – they want space, performance, comfort and capability all in one impressive package.”

5. Spacious (Wide): The car seats 8 easy. The space in this car is amazing. My two oldest immediately tried to jump into third row! They felt like it was their own world back there.

6. GPS (On every street): This is always a favorite because I do not have this feature on my current car. The GPS is always on and whatever street you’re on, you will be able to see it. It helps because sometimes street signs are missing or you may have passed it. This will always allow you to know where you are and even help you toward your destination. Of course you always program your home address or frequently visited locations which makes getting lost a thing of the past.

Expedition Collage

7. USB Outlet/Plugin: These are more of a big hit with my children because of their gadgets, but what caught my attention are the usb outlets. I like that you can just use your cord without an actual charger. That makes life so much easier. We are always fighting over chargers because we switch cars often. With the USB option, we can plug and go… and leave the cord in the car.

8. Open/Close Trunk One Touch: When you have three kids, with one being 2 years old – a one touch option simply rocks. I mostly use my trunk for groceries, but I have groceries and kids in tow. I was able to hold my youngest son, hit the button, add my items then hit one button to close it.

9. Rear View Camera: This is always so helpful. With such a big vehicle, this feature comes in handy when you are trying to back out of a space or parallel park.

10. 8 Inch Touchscreen: The 2015 Expedition come with SYNC Technology that will have the drivers information. The touch screen makes me feel like I am driving with access to a fancy tablet. Everything you need; media, entertainment, emergency access and more are all at your fingers!

There are so many other great features and updates to this new Expedition. The car starts out at $59,370. Check out their site and follow them on FB as well.

Would you ever drive an Expedition?

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