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I Found Out My Husband and I Have Two Different Love Languages!

By On July 10, 2017

I learned about the 5 love languages at my church shortly after I was married many years ago. We went to a marriage event and ended up taking the quiz, followed by… Read More

Product Reviews

eShakti Customized My Conference Look

By On April 16, 2017

Spring is officially here, and I am loving it. Although, if I am completely honest with you, winter in Florida isn’t bad at all.  It was actually the best winter (weather wise)… Read More


5 Ways to Make Time with Your Husband Count

By On October 29, 2016

I have been married for 13 years to my wonderful husband, and we have 3 very active children. One thing I love about our family is that we (my husband & I)… Read More

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Skin Care

[VIDEO] Umm, I Had a Work Done on My Face | Artisan Plastic Surgery Review

By On July 8, 2016

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency; however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.   Have you honestly ever thought of having plastic surgery? If money was no object and… Read More

magic kiss

The 6 Second Magic Kiss Will Add Intimacy in Your Marriage Tonight

By On June 11, 2016

Disclaimer: This post is for “Married Folk”. If you’ve never been married and/or you’re still dating you probably couldn’t understand why this is so important.   I recently went to an event… Read More

Marriage for granted

7 Things You Can Only Do With Your Spouse But are Easily Taken for Granted

By On May 3, 2016

Marriage is so many things! If you’re married, I’m sure you have a list of things you love about this committed union and things you’ve wish you would have known before you… Read More

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Product Reviews

Can Another Woman Really Rub Your Husband Better than You? (Giveaway)

By On March 6, 2016

When was the last time you gave your man a massage. Not a back rub, but a real massage? Honestly, I didn’t know how long it had been until he brought it… Read More

Marriage Challenge

5 Different Challenges for One Stronger Marriage You Can Start Tonight!

By On February 12, 2016

How many of you take your marriage for granted? Do you even know what taking your marriage for granted looks like? Ask yourself these 3 questions: Do you assume your spouse will… Read More

netflix, chill, giveaway

[$100 Netflix Giveaway] 5 Romantic “Netflix & Chill” Movies for Valentine’s Day

By On January 31, 2016

It seems like “Netflix & Chill” is the latest term being used when you want to relax on any given day with your special someone. I’ve had Netflix for about two years… Read More

disrespectful husband

Help, How Do You Handle a Disrespectful Husband?

By On January 21, 2016

Married life isn’t always easy, but with the right person – It is always worth it. This post answers a question written to me by a married woman: “How you handle a… Read More

War Room_BernettaStyle

7 Huge Takeaways My Children Shared After Watching War Room

By On January 17, 2016

War Room came on the scene and blew everyone away. Period. This movie is a marriage, relationship & personal prayer life game changer. Or least it can be if you are open… Read More

one giant mind

Download My Favorite Meditation App

By On November 9, 2015

** This is NOT a sponsored post. I personally downloaded this app and truly enjoy it and wanted to share my experience.** A personal goal of mine is to learn how to… Read More