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WIN 1 Years Worth of Family Flora – Probiotic, Good Gut Health Review

family flora

I enjoy working out. It makes me feel good on the inside and look good from the inside out. Although I put in the work to make my body look & feel good, there are levels to optimal health.

Recently, I was given a product to try that works on “my gut” health. Yes, good health starts in the gut.

Good gut health is essential to proper digestion, vitamin and nutrient absorption, and a strong immune system. The body’s microbiome is made up of over 1 trillion cells. These “good bacteria” are a part of our overall defense against illness. The foods we eat and drink and our lifestyle can interrupt this inner harmony. Source

The older I get, the more I wish that this information was given to me at a young age. Now, I try to make sure my children definitely know what is good for them before they eat or drink it.

Have You Heard of PROBIOTICS?

Honestly, the first time I have ever heard of probiotics was during an episode of the Tia & Tamera reality show. Tia is really into eating right and she was in the kitchen explaining to a friend about why she takes probiotics for good health. I was intrigued.

The word “probiotic” literally means “for life”.

After doing more research, I learned that our bodies largest immune system is our gut. When your gut is in good health, it will absorb vitamins better. The right probiotics will go to work directly in your intestines to help digest your food and purge wastes from the body. Source

Unfortunately, we (as a nation) eat food that is over processed or unnaturally processed. Our food is covered in pesticides or drowned in high fructose corn syrup. Then you wonder why even when you try to do right, you can’t.



Family Flora offers 7 probiotics & prebiotics that support good gut health. I tried the Daily Balance for almost 30 days. It comes in a powder form that I added to my water in the morning. For the most part, it was tasteless. Although, I usually add lime & mint to my water.

*Note: Add the supplement to anything cold; water, juice, yogurt, salad, etc.. If you add it to hot things, it will kill off the active prebiotic and you will get no benefits.

Why powder? Tablets & pills can be hard to swallow & are also made with an ingredient to house the nutrients you need that actually may upset your stomach. The probiotic cultures in the stick packets are protection for the heat-sensitive cultures and organic fiber. Each stick also contains their perfect dose and allows for easy body saturation and absorption.

Over the next few weeks, I can stay I felt regular. Everyone will feel different, but you should be able to tell your digestion of food has gotten better.


family flora

You read that right? How would you like to treat your gut to some good stuff for 1 full year?  I have partnered with Family Flora to give one lucky reader a full year’s supply. All you have to do is comment below & tell me what you know about probiotics & why you want to win this?

Or … Buy it with a discount?

You can now buy Family Flora at your local Target store. Click on the image below to print out a $3 off coupon. It retails for $22 at Target.

family flora

Have you tried a probiotic already? What are you thoughts? Have you seen a difference in your regularity?

Skin Care

Collagen Eye Masks Are My Favorite Eye Pick Me Up

I am one for at-home remedies. I pray that I can keep myself looking youthful with my at-home techniques and never have to get Botox or plastic surgery on my face. I am not against anyone getting those things, because if I am honest – I would get a tummy tuck in a micro second! I just don’t want surgery on my face.

I desire to age gracefully.


I don’t recall how I initially found out about these eye patches, because I have been using them for years. You can buy them on Amazon or Ebay for great prices! I mean under $10 and they work!

I have the Collagen Eye-Mask in the picture above. I received two 30 sheet packets and (when I remember) apply them at least twice a week. I will usually leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. I go about my morning routine and sometimes I forget its on until I pass the mirror.

When I take them off, I will wash my face and apply my moisturizer. You don’t actually have to wash your face. You can rub in the access moisture into your skin if you like. It is recommended that you apply it to clean skin.

mask 2

Here’s what it’s supposed to do: Enriched with Collagen, Vitamin E, Green Tea extract and Tropical Fruits. It provides intensive hydration to your eyes and diminishes the signs of aging. It helps reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, shadows and uneven skin tones under eyes.

mask 3

I want to publicly apologize because this isn’t the clearest picture, but it’s shortly after I removed the patches off my eyes. I took this with my iPad.

all eye

One thing I am SO excited about is that I can finally purchase the eye mask that covers the entire eye! These will surely be my next purchase.

Have you ever uses these eye mask before? How do you feel about them?

Living Smart Recipes Wordless Wednesday

Mr. Tea #WW


If you remember my Green Tea post a few weeks back, you know I like to drink Tea!! Well, I was on Instagram again and saw the coolest/weirdest looking thing. A man hanging out of a cup! I stopped and brought the phone closer to my face thinking, “What is this?” After doing a little more research, I found out it was a Tea Bag Holder! SOOO TOTALLY COOL TO ME!!

This was is actually called Mr. Tea Infuser. You put the tea bag OR loose tea leaves in his pants (silicone) and prop him up on your cup. He does all the work!!


I actually hate dealing with my tea bags but this way, they don’t get in my way when I am drinking!! I haven’t bought one yet, but it’s definitely on my list! Unless, someone wants to “Gift” me one!! Hint Hint!!

Mr. Tea is made of pure, food grade, flexible silicon rubber that can withstand temperatures from -22 degrees F to 450 degrees F.  Mister Tea is versatile, durable and a great all-around performer! Measures 3.25 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide x 1 inch thick.  Source

You can get these on Amazon or Ebay with a range from $9.99 to $19.99. It just depends who you want to buy from!! Tell me if you get one. I really do want one!