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How We Paid Off $95,000 of Debt in Two Years!

“3 .. 2 .. 1.. WE’RE DEBT FREE!!” We shouted with the couple on the radio who just shared their debt free story on the Dave Ramsey show! This is something we shouted regularly as we listened daily hoping…


We Built a Swimming Pool!

Yes, I’m still in shock that we have our own swimming pool.  [VIDEO BELOW] I’ve included a video of the pool process if you’re interested in getting one built. My tip is – buy a house with a pool…


My 2020 Year in Review & Lessons Learned

I’m sure no one in December 2019 knew what was coming in 2020 (well, Trump did) when we all made plans, goals, and resolutions. 2020 changed everything. 2020 changed me. This year has certainly been a roller coaster in…


3 Major Life Lessons from Safety on Disney+

I’ve always been a fan of movies that are based on true stories. When I was given the opportunity to screen Safety, a true story, and a football movie, it was a win-win. My family was all in as…


My New Kitchen | Before and After Pictures

We are knee-deep in upgrades. We moved into our home 2 years ago and once we finished paying off our debt, our next step was getting things done we really wanted to be changed in our home.  When we…


Our Fox News Feature! Packing with Purpose Suitcase Donation Drive

This holiday season my nonprofit organization, The Knighten Project, is hosting a suitcase donation drive. It’s called Packing with Purpose.  Check out the segment Fox News Tampa did on our organization. Click on the picture or link below.…