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Natural Hair

My Daughter’s 5 year Hair Growth Journey

I knew when my daughter was born that I would want her to have long, healthy hair. My mom put a relaxer (they called it Kiddie Perm) in my hair when I was 5 years old, so I never knew what my natural texture was like until I stoppd relaxing my hair in 2007. My grandmother used to always tell me, “Ooooh baby, you had such pretty hair when you were a baby!” Well, why did my mom put a relaxer in it!? SMH!

My baby at 7 or 8 months.

Well, my lovely daughter turned 5 this week and it’s amazing to see her hair growth. When she was 1, I started researching hair growth and how to retain length. I learned that it was more about the process than the products!! People ask me all the time, “What do you use on B’s hair?” But the truth is, over the course of 5 years, I have used many different things and loyal to none. I will say the only product I will go back and buy is Shea Moisture. Mainly because it’s a quality product and GREAT on my pockets.

Her hair is starting to grow!
She should have been maybe 2 on this picture.
Here she is this past weekend 12/1 – Before (twist out) and After (getting her ends clipped)
This was on her actual 5th Bday!!

My routine:
1) Wash / Condition weekly (every Saturday or Sunday evening).
2) Braid or Twist it up for the week (Sun-Sat)
3) Moisterize throughout the week – spray with a water bottle or let her get it wet in the shower and then seal it with oil.
4) Satin pillow case – she sleeps on one.
5) Weekend Style – on the weekend I give her something cute!! Her 2 free days.
6) Start all over again.

This weekend, she went to the stylist for the first time. She needed her ends clipped. The stylist said, I have been doing a great job on her hair. It was very healthy and continue doing whatever it is I am doing. I must say, it’s working with me too. Have you seen my 6 month hair growth!?

Natural Hair

6 month Big Chop Update

It’s time to check my hair growth! Remember I cut off all my hair in June to start fresh. My curl pattern had changed due to Henna (just my own personal experience) and it just wasn’t holding a twist. In addition to me coloring it “myself”, not deep conditioning it like I knew I should, left my hair dry – when leads to breakage.

So…I cut if off.

June 2nd
December 2nd
At 6 months, my hair is almost 6 inches. It was already about 1 when I cut it off.
So it’s grown about 5 inches in 6 months.
Same Day 12/12
But the night before I twisted it and this is the result of that: TWIST OUT.

If this is 6 months of growth, I am excited to see 12 months. I believe I am going to straighten it in month 7 to actually see how long it is. If you see from the ruler (above) picture, the back will come to my shoulder!

What have I been doing?

1) Pregnant – taking pre-natal vitamins, which I will continue to do after the baby is born.
2) Jamaican Black Castor Oil – I bought this on the day I cut my hair off and have been using (not daily but consistently) it often on my scalp and sometimes hair.
3) Protective Styling – since I cut my hair, I wear it out maybe one week out of a month. The other 3 weeks are some sort of style that keeps my hands out of my head.
4) Moisturize – even though my hair will be in a protective style 3 out of 4 weeks, I still let the shower water run through it often. I still condition it and oil my scalp. Not daily, but often.

I am happy thus far with my growth.

Living Stylish Natural Hair

Mommy & Me GLAM DAY Reveiw! #NaturallyGlam

Sunday was a true FUN-DAY for my daughter and I. After church (with the family), my daughter and I got ready for the Mommy & Me Glam Day put together by The Baby Shopaholic, Lexi with the Curls, 4 Naturals & Glamour Girls Day Spa. I knew it would be FAB, just from the invitation but didn’t know how fabulous until we arrived and walked the Pink Carpet!

As you can see above, the girls were truly pampered! After walking the Pink Carpet, they put on their spa robes and were escorted to the manicure rooms! After nails, came the (kid-friendly) make-up application. My daughter loved the dress up & karaoke session followed by a princess crown activity! They fed our girls sweet treats too! My daughter was all smiles!

Not only did our daughters get treated like Princess, the Moms were not left out. We had an array of great food, conversation and a natural hair care tutorial by 2 stylist that work with Curltopia.

In the picture above, Trina (The Baby Shopaholic) was our host. She gave us her natural hair testimony then also raffled off some great gifts! (I didn’t win). You can see the room was FULL of FAB Mommies as we watched the stylist perform two twist-outs using the 4Naturals hair care line. When we left, we all were given SWAG bags with 2 full size products, smaller samples, the cutest bow and jewelry set for my daughter, and some other great things!
I kept thinking about when am I going to bring my daughter back here with her friends. Her soon-to-be birthday party is already planned, but I think this will be a great graduation present in May. I will let her pick 2 or 3 friends that are also going to kindergarten in the fall and treat them to a Glam Day!
Glamour Girls Day Spa, Atlanta’s premier day spa for Princesses, Girls and Tweens ages 2 years and up. Located in the Northwest Atlanta metro area, we specialize in girly manicures, pedicures, flavored facials, makeup, hairdos, massages, runway fashion shows, Signature Glamour Style SPArties and more!

Our services are designed to promote positive self-esteem for girls in a comfortable and familiar environment. Our Glam Squad staff is skilled and highly trained to provide your little Princess with an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE!
She will enjoy her special time being glammed-up and relaxing with her friends as they dress-up, strut down the runway on our signature pink carpet , play games on the Wii Console, sing karaoke, listen to music, read all the latest girly magazines, take group Glamour Shotz and shop in our Glam Gallery!

4Naturals is a revolutionary multi-ethnic hair care system created 4 all hair types. We address your needs whether you’re looking to go straight or to define your waves, curls or coils.

Natural Hair

Does My Hair Look Like the Picture?

I wanted to try this hair style (pictured above). I put this photo on Facebook asking anyone, everyone, or somebody to give me a salon or hair braider/twister (although these are twist) that can do this! I got a few responses then a phone call. “B! This person I met can do this, she is GOOD!” Ok, I will give her a try! I set the appointment and paid her $85 (she included the hair).
Now my hair looks nice, it really does to me! But honestly, does my hair look like the picture? It does not. The first two squares are what my hair looked like after she finished. The bottom photo block is after I took it down and played with a different updo look. I would definitely go back to her for another style, but I am still on the hunt for someone that can do my hair LIKE THIS PICTURE!

Does it look like the picture? She has skills though, no doubt about it.

Me out and about!

I changed it up today. I took it down last night and played with a different look.
A happy mistake.

Living Simple Natural Hair

Olive Oil & Coconut Oil as a Deep Conditioner

I posted this on Instagram and decided to tell what I did. It’s super quick (the explanation that is).
My daughters hair was feeling really dry. I never deep condition her hair. I just wash it and condition it weekly. This labor day, I decided to do something different to add moisture or retain moisture.
The first picture in the top corner is her hair right out of a pony tail from the night before. DRY.
The second picture are the two ingredients I used to deep condition her hair, Olive oil & Coconut oil. I mixed them in a bowl, half and half. The third picture on the top is me applying the oils. I parted her hair in 4 sections and applied the oil from the ends to scalp. I made sure I really got the ends. They are super important because they are the oldest part of your hair. The fourth picture is with the hair bag on. She kept this on for at least an hour while she played around the house. I then rinsed her hair out in the shower. I washed it with Ms. Jessie’s Shampoo and then conditioned it with Shea Moisture Shea Conditioner. It was softer and less tangled. There was a difference in the way her hair felt. I parted it down the middle and applied some Ms. Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls and we were off to celebrate our holiday! I always thought deep conditioning her hair would be a chore, but it was very easy. I will start doing this on hair at least 2x a month. I will try to do it on mines every week.
Olive oil is inexpensive, ranging $2-$7
Coconut oil IS expensive to me, $9 but you don’t need a lot and it last a while.
The cool thing is, you can just use either oil to deep condition. They both [alone] will get the job done and are both great for your hair. I decided to put them together for the added benefit.
Thanks for reading! Do you deep condition?

Natural Hair

Big Chop / Hair Growth Update

This is just a quick post about my hair growth. I cut my hair June 2nd. September 2nd made 3 months. I can say, I have had some hair growth. I didn’t measure it, but can tell it’s growing.

June 2nd 2012
I cut it to get my original curl pattern and thickness back.

Sept. 2nd 2012
3 months later, and it is growing back nicely. This was actually a twist out. As you can see, when stretched it comes to the middle of my face. I don’t plan on getting it straightened until 6 months (December) when I get my end clips.
I keep it moisturized, ends protected and my scalp nourished. I am on a growth mission.
I also know that being “with child” will help! 😉
To see my original post when I first cut it off click HERE.
Natural Hair Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Going Natural / BIG CHOP Barbie

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!

Photo: But the best "Barbie" award goes to "Going Natural / BIG CHOP Barbie"!! *LIKE* if you agree :))))) 

 “Going Natural / BIG CHOP Barbie”
What do you think about this photo! It’s titled “Going Natural / BIG CHOP Barbie”
I saw this on Facebook and thought this was too cute. My question is, is that a lace front in her hands or just a wig? Either way, the image is too cute. When I see this picture. I think of “FREE”!
What do you think?
So many women have went “Natural”, meaning no more relaxing their hair. I stopped relaxing my hair in February 2007 and all my relaxer was cut out in Feb 2008, I have not looked back. I recently did a big chop in June, to start fresh. So I am looking like this doll right about now.


Natural Hair

Free Ms. Jessies Samples! Yep, More than 1!!

I just got an email from my friend that started with “FREE”. She told me that Ms. Jessies Hair Care products are offering 3 Free Samples with Free Shipping! I went to the site IMMEDIATELY and put my order in for 1 Curl Pudding & 2 Curl Meringue (I haven’t tried this one yet!). Honestly, I do NOT buy Ms. Jessies products because they are a little too expensive for my taste. Although, I have had a few samples from hair shows and its worked GREAT on my hair. Their Curl Pudding gave my hair the most defined curls I have ever seen! Their shampoo and conditioner is great too! I just personally do not want to spend $30 – $60 for 8oz-16oz of hair care products, but when I get a sample I use it all up. 

So if you like Ms. Jessie’s like I do, here is the link for you 3 Free Samples
** You do have to put in your credit card info but they won’t charge it.**

This is a picture of before and after one their curl products (It’s not me.)
Client’s hair all natural. She wants no chems but wants maximum curl definition. She desperately needs a shape.

We turned her kinks to curls non-chemically and shingled her hair with Curly Pudding. She will use Curly Buttercreme to refresh and hydrate her curls to encouraged length

Natural Hair

Starting from short. My BIG Chop!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I did it. I cut my hair all off. Why? Why? Why? That is the question of the day. People seem to look at me with wonderment and some disgust (even though they try to fix their face real quick!). But guess what, I have peace about it.

I cut my hair because in October 2011, I colored it. December 2011 & January 2012 I put Henna over that. Immediately, I noticed my curl pattern was looser. And that part didn’t bother me. But what did bother me was the fact my hair would no longer hold a twist. Being natural, I twisted my hair often so that was a big disappointment. I had to start braiding my hair to get a new look. And if you don’t keep your hair moisturized (with Color & Henna) it will dry out. And dry hair equals breakage. I was doing well the first few months with maintenance, but the last few months not so good. I was doing alot, LIFE-WISE and was actually taking my hair for granted. My hair became more dry, I wasn’t deep conditioning at all. I wasn’t wearing my protective styles, I wasn’t moisturizing like I knew I should have. Again taking my hair for granted. Well, in comes the new growth. The new growth was visually thicker, fuller and stronger than the colored & henna portion of my hair. It was actually WEAK.

I do not want to get a relaxer but I wanted my hair to be like it used to be pre-color etc. I want my full head of hair to be like my new growth. So, I cut my hair to start fresh. That was not easy because my husband DID NOT want me to cut my hair. He told me to trim my ends, but it wasn’t the same. My hubby is a long hair dude but when he met me, my hair was super short (but relaxed). I always remind him of that. He says, “I saw your potential!” WTW!

Well, I cut my hair on my lunch break and didn’t tell him. His facial expression was priceless when I walked through the door. He just outright said, “I do not like it! Why did you cut it so short?” He was M-A-D! What was funny was my daughter (who is 4) didn’t like it either! She asked me was it a wig! And told me to go back to the beautician and tell them to do it over!!!

But again…. I cut my hair to grow it back longer and stronger. It will not be short forever. I have been natural since 2007. I know how to grow my hair and maintain length. I plan on blogging about my hair journey and if you newly natural or just plan on “growing” with me …. let’s do it together!

Natural Hair

Living Smart: Lighten you hair with HONEY!!

Ever since I went natural (stop relaxing my hair), I have found that I have wanted to take better care of me all around. And I am not saying that I wasn’t do that before, but now I look at ingredients for everything. I think about how this will effect me (and my family) in the long run. Well, that brings me to hair color. I wrote a few days ago about Henna and how it’s a natural color and much safer than the chemical commercial brands. If you read that blog post, you also remembering me saying that I wanted to lighten my hair!! And and HENNA can not lighten! Henna’s colors are mainly different shades of red. Well, I ran across another article just two days ago about using HONEY to lighten hair. Yes, Honey! So, off course I googled, YouTube, etc. And yes people claim it works for them and they have the results to prove it. My main issue would be the stickiness of honey in my hair, but apparently I haven’t heard that as a complaint at all because of how much you dilute it with distilled water. Well, I think I am going try it. I will keep you updated with the results. Here is some of the information I have found below: 

How Does Honey Hair Coloring Work?
This method works due to the natural hydrogen peroxide that is found in honey. We all know the affect that hydrogen peroxide has on hair. The iron that is also found in the honey oxidizes the oxygen free radicals that are released by the hydrogen peroxide.The amount of lightening that you can achieve through using this method greatly depends on how well your hair absorbs the honey, or how porous it is.

Honey Hair Lightening Method

  1. Mix honey and distilled water together. Use a 4 to 1 ratio of honey to water to make the mixture work properly.
  2. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp and let sit under a shower cap for one hour under no additional heat.
  3. Completely rinse the mixture out of your hair and shampoo, condition and style as usual.

The overall outcome of this process will have your hair looking and feeling silky, shiny, and healthy. It will also have your hair looking a little bit lighter in a natural, non-dramatic manner.
This method takes time, and if you are using the honey for only lightening purposes, you may have to leave the treatment on longer, or do it multiple times to get your desired outcome.

Honey Hair Lightening Tips

  • Add a bit of peroxide for a more dramatic honey hair effect.
  • Add ground cardamom, ground cinnamon, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil for a boost to the natural honey hair color.
  • If you have product or oil in your hair, wash it before applying the mixture.
  • This method requires zero additional heat. Do not apply heat to your hair with the honey in it.

Honey Hair Conditioner Recipe

  1. Pour 1/3 cup of honey into a bowl.
  2. Scoop a 1/4 cup of your favorite conditioner and put it in the bowl with the honey.
  3. Combine the mixture until you have the perfect combination and consistency.
  4. Apply the mixture to damp hair and cover with the shower cap. After this mixture has been sitting on your hair and scalp for 8 hours, you can take the shower cap off and wash the mixture out with water.

Have you ever tried it? What were the results?

Natural Hair

Living Simple: Do you Henna? Why?

Do you Henna? How often? Why? Has it helped? Well, I will tell you my experience. It is actually not a bad one. I have applied Henna to my hair twice. Both times were in December 2011. Well, I take that back. Once in 11/2011 and then 12/2011. When I started doing the Henna treatment, I had every intention of doing this every month. I did like the results, even though it did loosen my curl. That didn’t bother me too much, because I wear alot of twist set, flexi rods and the very popular BANTU KNOTS (as pictured)!

Here is where the problem came in…….I wanted a new hair color! In October, my natural hair is black and I colored it a honey blond. But because my natural hair is black my hair just came out brown 🙁 Well, when I applied Henna, it turn a pretty brownish-red. I did like the color and received many compliments, but that is not the color I really wanted. I applied Henna for all the benefits it brings to my hair, not for the color. Although, I understood that the color was going to change. In October when I colored my hair honey blond (which came out brown), the plan was to re-color it a month later to lighten it even more! BUT WAIT!! I didn’t know that Henna is a permanent color and if you put Henna on your hair YOU CAN NOT or SHOULD NOT put another color (especially a commerical box color) over your Henna! It can take your hair out, damage it or turn it a weird color!! I was so mad! I wanted a Beyonce Honey Blond that goes from blond down to a pretty light brown! I went to color my hair again and saw in the instructions, “If you have HENNA in your hair DO NOT APPLY!” Screeeeeeeeeeetch!! HALT! WTH!! So now I am stuck with Henna in my hair, a color I didn’t want and now desiring a color I can’t have! I talked to a professional stylist who told me to wait at least 6 months and then the Henna still might have to be stripped off my hair! So basically, when I do get my color in June, I will have to go to a stylist. Say a prayer for my hair!

What is Henna? Henna, lawsonia inermis, is a plant. It is a large bush, or small tree, that grows in hot, dry climates. There is evidence from Egypt that henna was regularly used to dye hair five thousand years ago, and may have been used in Jericho as early as eight thousand years ago. Henna was used to keep hair healthy and to color gray hair. The dye inside this plant produces a red/brown stain on skin and various hues of red on hair. Henna can’t lighten your hair, ever. On some colors of hair it may appear to brighten it, but you should count on any color you get with henna, being darker than what is already on your head.  Source.

Pros, Cons & Other Effects of Henna:
Henna has some undeniable benefits for hair, which is why so many people use it and love it.

Some of these pros include:

  • Stronger Hair – The lawsone (dye) molecule penetrates the hair shaft, binding with the keratin in the hair. This makes hair stronger, but also is one of the qualities that makes henna removal near impossible. Henna also coats the hair and fills in rough spots on a frayed cuticle. This adds a second layer of strength, but it DOES NOT lock out moisture.
  • Smoother, Shinier Hair – Henna, as stated above, does coat the hair, but it is a permeable coating that does not lock moisture out. The henna helps fill in rough spots on the cuticle. With the cuticle rough edges smoothed over, the hair feels smoother and the cuticle takes a lot less damage during combing and manipulation. It takes several days for Henna to stabilize. It becomes more flexible and durable as it oxidizes and cures–it is in fact a plant resin that is flexible and solvent enough to penetrate the hair at the cuticle, carrying pigment with it.
  • Non-Fading Red – Anyone that has used red chemicals dyes knows how badly they fade. Henna may fade a little after the first application, but after the second application fades very little.
  • The Absence of Chemicals – Chemical dyes are not only VERY damaging to hair, they can also cause scalp burns, allergic reactions, and recently studies have linked long term use to cancer.

While there are benefits, there are also some drawbacks as well:

  • Application Process – Henna can be hard to apply evenly on your own, can be a huge mess, and is tiring on the arms and neck. It also has to be left on for a longer time than commercial chemical dyes (4-12 hours), so more time has to be slated for the process.
  • Experimentation – To find your ideal mix, dye release time, application time, rinsing method, etc. all require some experimentation. It is not out-of-a-box color, and it may take some tweaking to find your ideal results. Your perfect color is never a guarantee.
  • Dry Hair – Some people report dry hair after using henna. It mimics a protein treatment and you MUST follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner.

These may be pros for some, cons for others:

  • Loss/Reduction in Curl – Many users of henna report a loss of curl. This is by no means a universal effect, and should be neither discounted, nor counted on. It seems that wavies (s curls) are the most susceptible to this, though some curlies are as well.
  • Cannot Lighten Hair – Henna cannot lighten your hair, ever. On some colors of hair it may appear to brighten it, but you should count on any color you get with henna being darker than what is already on your head.
  • Darkening with Multiple Applications – Henna will darken with multiple applications. If one wants to keep a lighter color, only the roots should be touched up, and repeated whole-head applications will progressively make the color less orange and more burgundy.
  • Cost – Depending on your mix, how much hair you have and how often you henna, it may either be more or less expensive than chemical dyes. Though that doesn’t factor in one very important thing… the price your hair pays on chemical dyes. Many people find that they only need to do a full-length application one or two times, and the because henna doesn’t fade much, they can save a lot of cost by only redoing the roots.
  • The Smell – Some people love it, some people hate it, but the smell of henna lingers in your hair for awhile after the application, often reviving when your hair is wet. Some herbs, such as ginger, can be added to shift the smell of the mix, but nothing will eliminate it entirely. Most people feel it has a smell somewhat like grass or hay.
  • Variable Color – Henna can and does shift in color depending on the light the hennaed hair is placed in. The same head of hair can go from burgundy to firey copper, just depending on the light.