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Love language
Ask Bernetta

I Found Out My Husband and I Have Two Different Love Languages!

By On July 10, 2017

I learned about the 5 love languages at my church shortly after I was married many years ago. We went to a marriage event and ended up taking the quiz, followed by… Read More

Favorite IG
Ask Bernetta

My 3 Favorite Instagram Quotes of the Week

By On November 13, 2015

As I scrolled on Fb, I saw a post and immediately hit “Like” and “Shared” it on my Instagram for morning motivation. #positive #positivevibes #positivity A photo posted by Bernetta Style (@bernettastyle)… Read More

Ask Bernetta

What’s the One Thing You Want to be Known For?

By On November 2, 2015

I am on the internet a lot. I am on social media a lot. Too much, if you ask me. The good part is, I follow a lot of people who are… Read More

Ask Bernetta

5 Levels of Facebook Friends & Why You Should Keep Some Business to Yourself

By On September 4, 2015

Have you ever been scrolling down your Facebook timeline and saw someone’s status that made you stop and just shake your head? You wonder, “Ummm did they mean to post this? Do… Read More

Coca-cola scholars foundation
Ask Bernetta

What Would Your High School Senior Do With $20,000?

By On September 2, 2015

Do you remember what you were dreaming about when you were a high school senior? Did you already know what you wanted to do? Lucky you! Quick question, would $20,000 have helped… Read More

Dream Chat Knighten Project
Ask Bernetta

{Free Hangout} The Dream Chat: How to Manifest Your Dreams on Tuesday, August 25th at 9pm ET

By On August 22, 2015

We are so excited to be hosting another Dream Chat next week and even more excited about the topic. We love dreamers around these parts and we’re blessed to be speaking with… Read More

Ask Bernetta

Steve Harvey Tells ME Who His Mentor Is! [Interview]

By On August 5, 2015

A few Saturday’s ago, I had the pleasure, honor and every other great word I could think off right now… to sit in front of Mr. Steve Harvey and interview him! It… Read More

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.33.46 PM
Ask Bernetta

Ask Bernetta: Green Tea Ice Cube Facial & Benefits [Video]

By On April 1, 2015

I am all for at home skin care treatments! I will usually try anything once (within reason), so when I heard that Tia Mowery beautiful skin secret was Green Tea Ice Cubes… Read More

Dresses 2
Ask Bernetta

Fab 5 Series: Top 5 Spring Dresses for Moms, Especially #5

By On March 6, 2015

I love a nice dress! Don’t you?  Spring Dresses I love Spring time because I get to go into my closet and just grab a dress and not worry about cold weather,… Read More

Ask Bernetta

I Give Up! Why I Told My Husband, “I am Going to Stop Dreaming!”

By On February 24, 2015

A little over a year ago, I was frustrated with certain things in my life and I just blurted out to my husband, “I am going to stop dreaming. I am just… Read More

Ask Bernetta

I am Guarded. 4 Lessons I’ve Learned to Knock Down the Walls & Open Myself Up

By On December 28, 2014

Have you ever been in a room full of people laughing, joking and just having what seems like a great time, but you feel invisible? Or worse, you still feel alone. What… Read More

black soap
Ask Bernetta

[Video] Ask Bernetta: What Type of Soap do You Use for Your Face?

By On November 18, 2014

Here’s another edition of Ask Bernetta! I will try to answer these questions in 60 seconds or less. Today’s question: Bernetta, what type of facial soap or cleanser do you use on… Read More