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VIDEO: Five Summer Exercises for Motivated Moms

This month we are discussing all things Summer & stay tuned because this season I will be sharing more health related post: Exercises, eating healthy, recipes, and more. 

I love the saying, “You get your summer body, in the winter!” But what about keeping your summer body tight! During the summer, we are making sure our children are entertained with activities, vacations, bbq’s, and just family fun.

We just can’t forget to take care of ourselves and maintain our summer body that we worked so hard for over the winter and spring months. There are so many types of exercises that can give great results, but the experts keep coming back to the basics.

If you are pressed for time, these core exercises will give you results and can cause you to break a sweat!

Check out my video of the TOP 5 SUMMER EXERCISES for MOMS:

Here are the top 5 exercises broken down and what they do for your body:


Picture 1 of 5

Improve your circulation, good for digestion, build muscles throughout your body, improve posture, burn fat, tone your whole leg and can't forget about that bootay!

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The Hubby & I are Challengers in the Countdown to Change with YouFit

YOu fit

For the first time ever, my husband and I joined a gym. For years, we worked out at home. Sometimes together, many times alone. The together workouts were fun, except when he became Mr. Know-it-all, with all the added workout advice. Men!

What has always been great is that we both love to be healthy and enjoy the benefits & results that exercise can give you.

Read: 5 Simple Reasons I Joined a Gym

I joined YouFit earlier this month & with my Lime Membership, I get to bring my husband with me every time I come. Recently, in addition to working out to stay fit – we joined the YouFit Countdown to Change Challenge – 60 Days to a Slimmer, Healthier You.

YOu fit

Resources for Challengers:

  • Complimentary weekly bootcamp classes by the YouCoach Personal Training team.
  • YouCoach coaches available for consultation
  • Emails with exercise tips, healthy suggestions and exclusive challenge content.

It’s a national campaign & open to any YouFit member. Check out the Grand Prize:

  • 1st place: $5,000 each (one male, one female)
  • 2nd place: $3,000 each (one male, one female)
  • 3rd place: $1,000 each (one male, one female)YouFit_BernettaStyle

So, how do you win? Members with the highest % of weight loss wins!

This is the thing, my goal is to gain 5-7 pounds of muscle. So, I am wondering can I win? The great thing is, there are also individual winners at each gym. This means that I can still win at my local gym & my body will still be transformed so, it’s a win-win!

This past Friday, my husband and I weighted in. We do our midway check-in the 3rd week in October & final check in November 21st. Check back with me as we go hard in this challenge the next 2 months.

Funny story (not for me):

Friday after the weigh in, we stayed and worked out. I did some legs lifts with weights & had did a similar exercise the day before in a body sculpting class.

Well, Friday night we went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and walked, walked & did more walking. My legs started to hurt towards the end of the night and I felt a leg cramp coming on.

What was different, is that the tingly feeling was coming from the front of my leg.

Disney Magic Kingdom_YouFIt_BernettaStyle

Shortly after we got in our vehicle, I got a leg cramp in the FRONT of both of my legs at the same time. Talk about SCREAMING FOR HELP!! I had never experienced such pain! I told my husband to take me to the hospital.

He didn’t. He kept driving and said, “Drink some water now & when we get home, drink a spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar!” Uuugggh MEN! He did rub my legs later.

My Lesson: STRETCH GOOD & don’t walk at Disney after doing left lifts two days in a row!

YouFit Countdown to Change

Take a look at YouFit and see if you live near one. It’s a great gym with affordable plans and NO CONTRACT. That’s what sold me! If you’re already in the challenge or would like to see how others are participating, follow the #YFCountdown on social media.

Body Motivation

5 Simple Reasons I Finally Joined a Gym


I still can’t believe I joined a gym. It’s something I never planned to do because I am so pro, “I can work out at home!”

4 reasons why I loved working out at home was because:

  • Save time (driving back and forth)
  • Save $$ (contracts are expensive and I don’t desire to be locked into to anything)
  • Youtube (there are so many workout videos for me to choose from already)
  • Self-motivated (I don’t need to workout around people to get the job done).

Well, why I still believe all those things to be true – I had a change of heart and a good conversation with a friend. The best point they made was that I will be able to do more for my body in less time if I go to a gym because of the equipment. I can only do so much with my dumb bell set!

The thing is, we have a full body workout system. In our basement, it was all set up and looked a like a real gym. Since the move, it’s still not set up and I can’t even find my dumb bells!

Turning 40 Soon . . .

I will be the big 4.0. at the beginning of the year & I’m celebrating this event with my best friend, Aseelah. Earlier this year, I worked out with a trainer from Jan – May, 3 days a week for 45 minutes.

I loved every minute of it.

My trainer motivated me beyond my own self motivation. He pushed me & educated me on different techniques, that I still do without him.

When I stopped working out with him, I worked out alone for a good month. Then the reality of the move stepped in and I stopped. Then, my bff started working out with her trainer 6 days a week.

best friends_BernettaStyle

We are 3 days apart and celebrating our 40th birthday together on a cruise to Mexico! And although we will be in bringing not only 2017 together, we are also turning 40 together.

We both want to look great and secretly (well it’s not a secret) better than the other – in terms of body.

We go hard in our competition & stay updating each other! Right now, she’s winning!

So, I joined a gym.


I joined YouFit. Let me tell you why:

  1. Distance. It’s only 4 miles from my home.
  2. Price. It’s $10 a month! You won’t get a gym membership any lower.
  3. No contract. That’s right, it’s $10 a month with NO CONTRACT. Cancel anytime.
  4. Upgrades. If you upgrade to $19.99 a month, you get a few great perks. One perk being unlimited guest, which means my husband can come workout with me. Also, you get access to their other gyms. Their other gym has some great classes I’ve love to take.
  5. Equipment & Classes. They have way more machines than I do & I can take classes like Zumba, Insanity, Kickboxing, etc.


So, today was my first day working out at YouFit and I enjoyed it. At first, I felt like a fish out of water – then I channelled my former trainer, Prince. I heard him saying,”Come on, B! Come on!” And I would pick that weight up and do the perfect squat.

My plan also comes with a personal trainer, so I will be meeting with him on Friday. He will spend 1 hour with me going over body goals, etc. etc.

I will share a fun fact with you. There was a time when I wanted to teach Zumba! I wanted to be certified and teach classes. 

So, although I have always been anti-gym membership, people change. The deal was too good not to take advantage of & I missed working out. It was like that friend that you never see, but when you do – you pick up right where you left off.

New city, new experiences! Do you have a gym membership? Do you use it?